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  1. I really like love2d and lua!
  2. redhood56.0

    Trouble running love2d games

    I have to build the paths myself. I am programming it in notepad++ btw. I am going into the placement of the files!
  3. Hello! I am using an online tutorial to learn love2d with lua. I am stuck on this part of the series. I keep getting errors. I understand that the code is now dated. Some of the time the video is hard to follow so I download the code to compare just encase I haven't missed anything. But when I did it, I got these 2 errors when I try to run my version, and then the downloaded version. The downloaded version is the first image, and my version is the second one! Thanks!
  4. redhood56.0

    Question about Game Development for kids

    I would also say RPG Maker(it is great for old school rpg games, only programming is necessary for more complicated games). Game Maker is great too. But if your son wants to do online games I would say use stencyl, again no programming knowledge required! 
  5. redhood56.0

    Where to begin on first game

    For the ouya part, I know that monogame(c#) is compatible with the ouya. 
  6. redhood56.0

    Any good java programming books for begginers?

    I have heard about it once, I'll look into it more now. Thanks :)
  7. redhood56.0

    Any good java programming books for begginers?

    Thanks for all the replies. The main reason why I did not use c++ s because it wasn't a good choice for people without programming knowledge.  Some person here said to read this:http://www.gamefromscratch.com/post/2011/08/04/I-want-to-be-a-game-developer.aspx. I'll diffidently consider looking at that book, and the head first java book!
  8. Hello! After I heard that Microsoft is cutting xna, and i tried experimenting with it, I decided that would like to use java as my first programming language. Now, are there any good game programming books for it? I looked, but I have seen books that are outdated. Thanks in advance!   EDIT: I see that I am an idiot and spelled beginner wrong *facepalm* 
  9. redhood56.0

    Looking To Interact With Other Beginners

    Hello! I just started programming! I am using C# but I am considering switching to a different programming language. My skype name is redhood56.0 :) 
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