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  1. Actually, our worlds are randomly generated. We do not need to place lots of objects or lights manually. So the Unity level editor might not be that helpful for us. Sure, but still we fear that Unity would do it better than us. We agree with the fact that Unity does not necessarily have better graphics than Ogre. But we are wondering if it is worth the effort. Ogre is great, but perhaps it offers too much "control" for us, 3D newbies. Is it possible to obtain nices results with Ogre, while keeping it simple? Or do we have to understand much more things than someone who uses Unity does?
  2. Hi, I have been working, with a friend of mine, on a C++ project for a year now. When we started, we didn't know what rendering engine we wanted to use. That's why we have left the graphic part aside so far. (Actually, we are using a very simple Ogre3D rendering code. Good enough for us to test our game) We are realising that using a game engine like Unity would probably help us to achieve better graphics. Question 1 > What do you think about using Unity (or any game engine) ONLY for its graphics? First, I didn't really like the idea (Ogre seems sufficient for this kind of task) But after thinking about it, I have to admit that this feature alone is already a huge time saver for indie developers (you don't have to understand the 3D rendering theory) Question 2 I saw Unity only accepts JS and C# scripts. Our project is written in C++. We already have plenty of classes and files, and we do not want to start over... Is this C# thing a limitation for us? > How hard would it be to convert/import our game in an engine like Unity? (We would like to keep it like it is, and only throw the Ogre3D part away) Thanks in advance, and happy new year from France