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  1. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

      Yeah check out SFML: http://www.sfml-dev.org/features.php Thanks! :)
  2. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    Well, I dislike unity v. much. 5% coding, 95% else. Unity is more for designers rather than real programmers. Also other engines are more flexible than unity. Maybe u know something similar to XNA, but for C++? Yep, you recommended it, but also another friend from skype.
  3. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    someone recommended me XNA engine to start with. Is it good advice? (Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0)
  4. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    Okay, I got you all, I will search for 2d engines and learn to use (attempt) OpenGL, etc. Another question is how to import them and use?
  5. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    I suppose it depends what you consider "value". If you want to get a job in the industry some day then you will likely be working with an existing engine, unless you get a job on a tools or engine team, in which case you wouldn't be working directly on "games" per se. (I'm generalizing, mind you) If you want to do things at lower level then I would suggest learning Direct3D and/or OpenGL, as well as an audio library like DirectSound or FMod. Maybe a Physics library like Bullet, too, depending on what you're trying to do. For simple 2D games it's not too hard to wire something together using a combination of low-level libraries, though it can get pretty complicated once you get into 3D stuff (read: I hope you like math )To some extent I like math. Also who gets paid better? The man who knows everything or the one who rules only one section? I wanna be Lead Designer! I wanna become Inventor and Creator. Similar to god, except in Virtual place. Also I might want to try anyways. Which programs/libraries/engines would you recommend for a 2D game?
  6. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    Game development and engine devleopment are completely separate disciplines, at least in this day and age. If you're interested in making games then I would suggest you try out some of the different off-the-shelf frameworks and engines out there (Unity/2D toolkit, XNA, Torque2D, etc.). These take care of a lot of "boiler-plate" stuff for you, and allow you to focus on actual "game programming" (i.e. focusing on "what" happens, instead of "how" it happens) It can be a good learning excercise to try to do everything by yourself, and this will definitely give you a solid foundation, but ultimately if you're doing anything bigger than pong/snake/etc. then there are huge benefits to using an OTS engine or framework. I would suggest XNA + C# would be a good combination, as you'd still be working with a C-like language. I already did something like that, but I want to jump into actual programming instead of using pre-created programs. I used to create mods for Warcraft III but I stopped, also learning how to build games from 0 not from 10% is more valuable, since you will know all the structure and it is more valuable in general! Also age doesnt matter at all! I'm compelety mature and serious.
  7. Hordeon

    [Help] Getting into game programing

    [quote name='yewbie' timestamp='1357663151' post='5019073'] - What kind of graphics library are you going to use - If not a home brew engine what game engine will I use [/quote] I'm a firm believer in 2d graphics. or 2,5d. I would like to learn to create my own engine. Also I will put my whole life to programming! That's what I'm planning to do. Computer is my addiction. Not just games - whole Computer, all processes, etc. But I wanna become a gamedev, because people need games to refresh their soul. It's art, it's refreshing, that feeling of accomplishment, when you start from scratch and build a successful game! I'm planning to buy C++ books, my mom already ordered them from amazon.com. And yes, I do testing in C++, i'm trying to build text RPG atm :) Since I know it's not that hard, mainly just integers, reals, strings etc.
  8. Hello everyone, I recently joined gamedev.net, my name is Rokas, I'm 16years old. I am willing to study C++ or any other programming science thats required to do game programming. To start off my adventure I wanted to ask a few questions: 1) I watch Bucky (youtube it: thenewboston) on youtube and his c++ tutorials, they are simple, how good you would rate his tutorials? Are they worth watching? I think yes, but maybe you can offer better learning materials to start off? 2) Where to find tutorials on how to build my own game engine? (Since obviously if i want to become a good programmer - I would much better prefer to do it myself!) Where I can find more information about functions that are required to make games (most popular ones, etc) Ofc, I know If statement is the most important in making games, but i mean what else i need? Is there any simple websites, that could provide me superb useful info? 3) How long the process of learning should take, before I can build my very first 2D indie rpg-type game? I mean, sure I'm not a genious, but post how long you took, to become "good" and "confident" to create games from scratch (engine, etc.) Thanks and sorry for Imperfect English. My main language isn't English :)
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