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  1. Elium - Prison Escape

    Elium - Prison Escape is coming out next month! keep an eye for it
  2. Elium - Prison Escape

    Please support Elium - Prison Escape by voting for the IndieDB Indie of the Year!
  3. Elium - Prison Escape

    Short sequence of a fleeing enemy Better bring them down before they reach for help!
  4. Elium - Prison Escape

    so one thing led to another and now the random dungeons are mostly working in multiplayer won't be in the final game but I wonder what to do about this
  5. Elium - Prison Escape

    Hi there, a couple new screenshots from the sewers
  6. PC Sewers

    Sewers level in Elium - Prison Escape
  7. Elium - Prison Escape

    hey people, here's a new gif showing some gameplay: Multi-kills never felt so rewarding
  8. Elium - Prison Escape

    Hey, sorry for the delay I've been out for a week. I'd be interested in you reviewing it but I need to do some more polishing. Whats the preferred way to contact you?
  9. Elium - Prison Escape

    Here's a new render of the main character
  10. Elium - Prison Escape

    Danger awaits.  
  11. Elium - Prison Escape

    Hi,   one of the many small improvements I've added recently: smashable pottery! which of course you can grab and use as a weapon :D  
  12. Elium - Prison Escape

    thanks :) I don't have a time frame for greenlight yet, but I guess I have to hurry before they shut it down!
  13. Elium - Prison Escape

    Hey,   New update to report. I've added an axe and will soon be finishing a mace, which help adding some variety to the combat. Chopping heads with the axe feels even more chunky :)  
  14. Elium - Prison Escape

    Hi,   Time for a small update. A lot of effort went into improving the pathfinding lately which took quite some time. But in the meantime many other improvements have been made all around. Among the latest, I've polished the way kick works when near ledges, also causing tripping before the fall   
  15. Elium - Prison Escape

    Update: Teaser trailer is unveiled!   [media][/media]