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  1. Andrew Quizon

    Looking for feedback? I know I am

    Thanks Dan, I appreciate the feedback! It'll be good to hear some mixing inspirado.   Edit: Just downloaded some albums. You're a good man, Dan
  2. Andrew Quizon

    Looking for feedback? I know I am

    Wow! Such advice! Thanks Quoozie, you're the greatest.    Here's a composer I just found via the interwebs: https://soundcloud.com/adamspeck   Refreshing, interesting, feels, winning.
  3. Andrew Quizon

    Looking for feedback? I know I am

    Quoozie! Awesome songs, great job!   One thing I did notice was that a lot of the tunes are a bit soft on the high end in regards to EQ, making them sound a touch woofy. That can easily be changed in the mastering phase though. And also there's quite a contrast between the vibe and approach to each of the songs, which may make it more difficult for the budding gamedev to see if you're right for his project, but at the same time demonstrates versatility, so I'm not sure if you'd want to be more targeted and specific in that case. Maybe we'll leave that for other people to comment on? But other than that, way to write! You keep at it, tiger
  4. Hi guys,   When you spend the majority of your time developing yourself as a composer and musician, it starts to become difficult to determine whether you're actually improving or going around in circles, especially in a subjective field like music (or anything creative for that matter).    So that being the case I'm going to post a link to my portfolio on soundcloud (http://soundcloud.com/quizon/sets/soundtracks) and I'd really love it if you were to have a listen to some tracks and hit me up with any feedback that you can muster, either as posts here or as comments on soundcloud, and I suggest if you're another budding composer looking for feedback to do the same with your own portfolio in a post below.   I get a semi looking at other peoples compositions and works but I don't have the soundcloud prowess to filter through all of the chart remixes and major motion picture soundtracks that come up as search results.   I'm kind of hoping to get a sweet response here, hopefully we can all help each other out a bit
  5. Andrew Quizon

    Check out this Composer!

    I'm Andrew Quizon, I study a Bachelor of Music with a performance/production double major at Newcastle Conservatorium and have one course left to complete next semester until the end of my degree. I live in the Central Coast of Australia and frequently travel to Sydney for work and gigs. I'm very passionate about film and game scoring and currently available for work. My approach to soundtrack creation is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic recordings. I have a portfolio of compositions up on SoundCloud. Portfolio: I'm very open to suggestions, love feedback and I pride myself in being easy to work with. If you're still unconvinced feel free to email me a short snippet of a scene or a demo and I'll be able to write a short quick composition and have it back in no time. Look forward to hearing from you. Andrew Quizon
  6. https://soundcloud.com/quizon/sets/soundtracks I'm Andrew Quizon, I'm a graduate from Newcastle Conservatorium with a performance/production double major. Check out my tunes on the SoundCloud link. I'm pretty new to soundtrack creation and everything I write is all about vibe. Have a listen and if you have any questions or you're interested in working together send me an email at quoozie@hotmail.com No project is too big or too small, I'm really open minded and I guarantee I'm easy to work with.
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