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  1. Different Ore types

    This topic is really interesting. 
  2. Different Ore types

    Sword Times = Medieval Times. That's when they were very popular. But your right, they were used for many years. Norman's, and all that (I'm English, so I base it off English historical periods). 
  3. Different Ore types

      Depending on time of course. Back in Sword times, if I am correct, they used wood more than they used coal. Wood was used frequently in medieval times, instead of Coal, because it was easier to get.
  4. Different Ore types

    Dwarf Fortress may not set out to be a geology simulator, but that doesn't change the fact that it is (perhaps incidentally) a geology simulator.   There is a world of difference between the Settlers' brand of "iron + coal => sword", and Dwarf Fortress' complex mineral trees.   Iron + Coal doesn't equal a sword anyway. Also, as for Dwarf Fortress, I'm just saying that if he wasn't a realistic game, he can have them trees in if he wants to.
  5. Different Ore types

      Dwarf Fortress's main idea isn't about Geology at all, so he could go for advanced ores. In fact, if he's looking to make a realistic game, then yeah, I'd advise that he does go for the complex trees that DF has.
  6. Different Ore types

    Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Bronze, Platinium? All of that is fine except Bronze, which is a mixture of several metals, but mainly of Tin and Copper. Here is a suggestion: Rutile Ore. Rutile Ore is where Titanium comes from, however, I think it also uses a few more metals. Not too sure . As well as that, there are actually different types of Copper Ore, not just one ore. There is a Copper Ore, but also part of the Copper family is Malachite, Turquoise (yes, there is an ore called Turquoise, look it up if you don't believe me ). There is also Azurite ore. It's the same with Iron too. You have Pyrite (which is the traditional Iron in reality), Marcasite, Hematite and Magnetite. Also, have you though about adding Zinc? That's a pretty cool ore, especially since it's used as a vitamin a lot these days. You could make medicines with it. Most natural resources are ores, if you think about it. Hope I helped.
  7. Monsterra

      Ok, this makes a lot more sense then. You could perhaps reflect Erderra's volcanic origins in the description. The myth simply states that "a ball of rock appeared" and I naturally assumed that to be granite or something. If, for example, a flame had appeared and out of it the black rock that would become Erderra, then the intended origin would have been a lot clearer.   Alright, then, I'll do something like that then. Cheers for all of that.     Everything but the Monsterra is almost the same. Your right. It's just the Monsterra that require so much less than life on earth does. Thanks for all this advice, though, it really helps out. 
  8. Finally got my rep above 100!
  9. Process of a video game

    It really depends on your document. Once you have finished the GDD, then, depending on your game, you decide what to do first. For example, if you are making a First Person Shooter, you may go for models first, so then the artist has something to do. One thing's for certain, 3D modeler's pretty much always have to work before artists, but not necessarily, and same for programmer's, they will almost always end up in front of a Level Designer, because otherwise, the designer's may not have much to do.    
  10. Monsterra

      Cheers for all that.  Also, I suppose your right about the price thing, but then again, the first few versions will be free. 
  11. Monsterra

      The names are only temporary, and Work In Progress, like the whole game itself.     Yeah, I know there a many things based around this kind, but it will be changed over time, because somewhere above here, I stated that it will take time for it to be just right for a big audience.     Also, how would you like it to be more condensed? By adding more Monsterra, or just adding a little bit more story?     Ah, this guy is a little short tempered, and tends to blow (he's based off a volcano). When Erderra is angry, *gulp*, he tends to lose the plot, and is very, very impatient. Air and Life just wait, and they don't come until afterwards (Life doesn't, Vita is actually the fourth, but plays a huge role in creating life itself, just has a lot of patience. It's quite fairly-like, as well). Also, don't forget that this is in another world, you just don't know why the do and don't need to support life. Some Monsterra that I have planned live in lava.     If it really was that simple, it would be. However, Monsterra do not age, and their appearance is very, "monster-like", and stays that way all throughout their lives, but if you built a power tree, then I guess you would be right, Arknell will be the boss, and then Zeitlineal and Espace being the Second-In-Command, and the four below (Erderra, Aqcuasser, Vita and Aeridon), they are just standard workers.    If you still have any questions, feel free to post them, or PM me.   Also, I would like to announce that Monsterra is going to be commercial. It's value is not yet decided though, however, it will be around £10, so it's not too expensive.   Leikaru, signing out.
  12. Monsterra

    Right, (sorry about this triple post) so, the sketches are done, know I am just doing a rough sprites on them. I've fully coloured them and all, now I've just gotta wait for the outcome *gulp*.
  13. Monsterra

    The concept sketches are done, I'm now just waiting on fully finishing them.
  14.   Monsterra is coming to you soon!   Consoles Available: PC   Visit the thread: Official Thread   Copyright 2013 Leikaru Game Development. All Work Developed By Leikaru is exclusively his and is not to be copied by anyone whatsoever, without clear permission. Any copies shall be immediately reported.
  15. Monsterra

    Hi everyone, got my replies here: I'm going to update the page with mechanic details soon. The game seems also will be developed, possibly in XNA. The Creation Myth wasn't based on the Hindu one at all. Dunno how that happened. Really do need details about the game itself if you want feedback on it. With regard the writing only one thing stands out as jarring to me. Specifically the motive translation from that of survival/revenge to that of I can be god and do things my way. Don't get me wrong, motives can and do change just not necessarily in a context such as this (an exception to this being if said character is a little off his/her rocker). Looking forward to more http--,,--//public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png [/url]]   That first bit the "I'm planning a game to make. Want details? Hmm, maybe later." Is in my sig. I haven't updated that for a while. Also, God_Rhythm pretty much answers the writing scheme. That's sorta the plan. Yeah, the creation myth is still WIP. The thing is, I need to get it just right for some tastes, because it is the intro cut scene in the game. Also, it needs some pretty decent music. http--,,--//public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/huh.png[/url]] Dunno where I'm gonna get that from.   Edit @16:28   I'm during up a few concept sketches right now. In paint, it's not much, 'cause I'm no artist, but still.