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  1. 7 games in 7 (plus a bit) days finished!

    awesome work, i'm very proud of you, and the dungeon crawler looks awesome too, all you need to do is swap out the graphics for higher quality images. I often use just colored squares to get the gameplay going, and then swap them out with better images later(i'm not good at graphics either, lol). p.s. I especially love reading your journals. Do you get the game ideas all by yourself, or did you doa course or read a book on game design, they all seem to have great gameplay ideas.
  2. 12 Games in 12 Months, Game 1: Intro

    following along for sure, thinking about making an over head god-game sim, sorta like the sims, but with animals instead of humans, if not maybe an overhead rts game with tanks and infantry. just read the design doc, i wanna play it already. = )