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  1. what will happen if connecting to a connected peer     connect for 1th time C--------------------------------------------<CONNECTED>----------------------------------->S: got                                                                                                                                 got [ID_CONNECTION_REQUEST_ACCEPTED]                                                           [ID_NEW_INCOMING_CONNECTION] ok , c-to-s connection is established! what will happend if i connect from C to S again ? m_Client->Connect(..........); what message id will get in C and S site ? and what will cause this messageID to be repied : ID_ALREADY_CONNECTED:
  2. once a client send broadcast to all host server in a same subnet, how can servers recevice the broadcast infomation and make reply to the client  who has send the broadcast?   client : ----------------------------------------------------------------   void scan_servers_by_send_broadcast() { ENETAddress address;     address.host = ENET_HOST_BROADCAST;     address.port = BROADCAST_PORT ENETSocket socket = ENET_socket_create(ENET_SOCKET_TYPE_DATAGRAM); ENET_socket_set_option(socket,ENET_SOCKOPT_NONBLOCK,1); ENET_socket_set_option(socket,ENET_SOCKOPT_BROADCAST,1); ENET_socket_send(socket,address,&broadcast_buf,1); ENET_socket_destroy(socket); }     servers: ------------------------------------------------------------- [Q: How can a server received broadcast information and tell client its ip address ?]     ENETSocket socket = ENET_socket_create(ENET_SOCKET_TYPE_DATAGRAM); ENET_socket_set_option(socket,ENET_SOCKOPT_NONBLOCK,1); ENET_socket_set_option(socket,ENET_SOCKOPT_REUSEADDR,1); ENET_socket_set_option(socket,ENET_SOCKOPT_BROADCAST,1); ENETAddress serv_addr;     serv_addr.host=ENET_HOST_ANY;     serv_addr.port=BROADCAST_PORT;      // IS THIS RIGHT? ENET_socket_bind(socket,&serv_addr); ...........   I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHOULD DO AFTER BINDING,,,,,  HELP ME PLEASE ,THANKS/...   any more, does BROADCAST_PORT shold be different from the SERVER_MAIN_SERVICE_PORT ?  
  3. in my project requires to listening about 3 port at same time for difference busniess , but for enet demo code: once i established a server by ENetHost* create server(int port){ ENetAddress* addr; addr->host=..... addr->port=port; server=p2udp_host_create(&serv_addr,MAX_CLIENT_LINKS,MAX_CHANNEL_SET,0,0); ???? return server; } than i call this function 3 times so i got about 3 server instance with 3 different ports, but only 1 port can handle events which was first made.   so the question is how can i handle the message events for all of 3 ports because event handling  procedure is in located a while loop just like:       service_event_handle(ENetHost* server) { ENETEVENET event; while(1){ switch(.....){ } } } when i pass the params server1 create by , it just traped in loop without ending conditions    i wonder how can i  jump the loop do handle evnets for another 2 port   ,
  4. after i  fix the code ,but  i still can't send struct to remote server ? why ?
  5. client code like this :      typedef struct _T{         int id;         char* testdata;     }T, *PT;     PT pt;     memset(pt,0,sizeof(&pt));     pt->id=1;     pt->testdata="test datya";     char pack[128];     memcpy(&pack,pt,sizeof(&pt));    ////////////////////////////  pack got nothing???     ENetPacket *packet=enet_packet_create((const void*)&pack,128,ENET_PACKET_FLAG_RELIABLE);     if(NULL == packet){         fprintf(stderr,"create packet with error\n");         exit(EXIT_FAILURE);     }       enet_peer_send(peer,0,packet);       enet_host_flush(client);   but the server can';t  get anything ...? what wrong with it?
  6. post my code first  please help me to point out where is wrong?   client code : int send_to_peer(ENETHost* client, ENETPeer *peer) {    i     ENETPacket *packet=ENET_packet_create(NULL,128,ENET_PACKET_FLAG_RELIABLE);     if(NULL == packet){         fprintf(stderr,"create packet with error\n");         exit(EXIT_FAILURE);     }     char* d="client say";     strncpy(&packet->data,d,strlen(d));     ENET_peer_send(peer,1,packet);     // ENET_host_broadcast(client,1,packet);     // send data out     ENET_host_flush(client);       // close connection     ENET_peer_disconnect(peer,0);       // wait for close with success     ENETEvent event;       while(ENET_host_service(client,&event,3000)>0){         switch(event.type){         case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_NONE:             break;         case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_RECEIVE:             ENET_packet_destroy(packet);             break;         case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_DISCONNECT:             printf("has disconnected\n");             ENET_destruct();             exit(EXIT_SUCCESS);             break;         }     }       // force to close socket if unsuccess     ENET_peer_reset(peer);     printf("force disconnected\n");       ENET_destruct(); }     SERVER: int start_daemon_services(ENETHost* server) {     ENETEvent event;       while(1){         while(ENET_host_service(server,&event,5000)>0){             switch(event.type){             case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_NONE:                   break;             case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_CONNECT:                printf("a new client has connected,remote host address is:  %s:%u\n",                         inet_ntoa(*(struct in_addr*)&event.peer->address.host),                         event.peer->address.port);                 event.peer->data="incoming client";                 break;             case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_RECEIVE:                 printf("received package from %s\n on channel %u\tpacket size:%u\tpacket content:%s\n",                        event.peer->data,                        event.peer->connectID,                        event.packet->dataLength,                        event.packet->data);                 //do with package                   //destroty it                 ENET_packet_destroy(event.packet);                 break;             case ENET_EVENT_TYPE_DISCONNECT:                 break;             default:                 break;             }         }     }     //reset all peers connected to server     ENET_host_destroy(server); }
  7. in my project has a requirement to send a big file(about 1G or so)  between peer to peer(such as from server to client to server to server or client to server), i wonder if enet netlib can make it and given a perfect effect ? any one who have done somthing like this before  ? please give me som e suggestions   thanks..
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