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  1. Directx 9.0 SDK?

    Quote:Original post by digitec devil The DirectX 9 Summer Update is actually the full SDK, if that is what you're referring to. Yeah, that´s was actually the file I was referring to. I was in doubt because when I normally hear about an update file, Im thinking of a file that only works if you have the full program to start with. But thanks again. And also thanks to superpig and lukavii.
  2. Hey Im new into DirectX programming, and i have bought the book: "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0" by Frank. D Luna, and to get started I of course need the SDK, and there's a link in the book for Microsoft´s msdn, where I should be able to download it, but the book says that I need to download the DirectX 9.0 runtime and the DirectX 9.0 SDK, the runtime is included in the SDK, but on Microsofts DirectX site, I can only find SDK Update files, and not the newest SDK. So anyone got a link for where I can download it?
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