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  1. But there's a bit of a problem :l Before you answer the question at the bottom, here's some background information: I began coding using java around mid 2012. I'm incredibly comfortable with java, and making hobby games is great fun. However, as a major project for both my own entertainment and possibly public application, I need to know what language I should use, or continue using. Of course, using java would be a breeze, since I already know quite a lot. However, I've done some reading and found that XNA/C# is also a great language for indie developers. The game is going to be a 2D platformer, based around solving mysteries and puzzles, finding treasure and so forth. There will be no boss fights, no fighting of any kind, turn based or real time. You can die, however only from natural causes, and the penalty will only be losing a few points and restarting at the point in which you began to take the damage that killed you, so falling off a cliff will result in you ending up back on the cliff, falling on spikes will result in you ending back at the edge beside the spikes. Because of it being a complex puzzle solving platformer with no enemies, I don't think performance will be an issue (Unless of course I'm wrong, but I hope someone will correct me on that) So, I'd like to ask: What language should I use? a) Java b) C# c) Other (c/c++, python, etc...) Thanks in advance!
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