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  1. Dimension Nexus Adventures by Heresy Game Design

    If you goto the discussions area, each feature has its own Google document with multi-page write-ups answering all of your questions.   And no, this is not voxel cube style. You actually design buildings that basically have the same structural analysis as Red Faction. They need to be able to support weight, etc. We also give an in game program for modeling and designing buildings, as well as items, and new technologies, explained in the RnD discussion post.   Servers are a unique animal. In the full multiverse, lets say your hosting a sci-fi server and I'm hosting a fantasy server. When a boss comes to you (think multiverse villains form comic books) when you goto defeat it, being the first encounter, it does the stereotypical "Well, you got to me here, but what about this?" And now your players come to my server. When the boss is defeated, everyone returns to their home server.   And we did have full video of the project originally  however we pulled these because of dropping the original planet engine. Once our planet engine is up in its new form, new videos and screenshots will be posted. I'm hoping a week or two, but the one person were missing for our dev team is a procedural designer for Unity 4.0.   About the board game, tomorrow were releasing its document. The idea is a video game and board game released together, and expansion coming out together. If you take a look at our planned crowdfunding, the reason we are mentioning the board game is that its in our crowdfunding proposal. We basically are using Steam Greenlight Concepts for its full purpose, getting feedback on your concept.   We actually had started developing the Board game first, and realized what we were doing would make an amazing Video Game, which is where we got the idea of the games living together. New bosses and items being released at the same time, as well as new genres (dimensions). Let me know if you have questions after checking out the feature documents. Most of your questions are answered there.
  2. We just finished posting our final main features. So I figured it was time to start getting the word out that we want feedback on our concept. Were actually already in development and base alpha stage. However we have not gotten to implementing most of our mechanics and features yet. Since we were on Greenlight Concepts, we decided to use it for its intended use, feedback. So come one come all, let us know how to make this game your dream game!