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  1. Is there a code writing thing for Chromebook

    Since chromebooks use Chrome OS by default, far as I know unless you're installing Linux you can only run web-based applications.   While I'm not overly familiar with it, I've heard decent things about Code Run.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new here so sorry if this should be under progamming (I wasn't sure).     I'm looking to start coding a new game project. I will have real-time 2D graphics, and some physics. (I'm looking at a side-scrolling concept, similar to Odin Sphere or Muramasa).   Looking around at reccomendations for languages, people seem to suggest using whatever you're comfortable with. I'm familiar with:   Python (I've done some basic physics based games using pygame before). Java (I know java as a language better than python, but I have no experience using it for games, and I'm not familiar with any game libraries.) Ruby (My least familiar language, but I'm learning fast and I quite enjoy working with it. That said, I've heard it can be a major headache to create games due to some inefficiencies with garbage collection.)   Given the details of my project and my skillset, what language would you suggest I use for the new project? (If anyone could suggest a good library to work with that would be a welcome suggestion as well).   Thanks in advance!