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    Vantage: Primitive Survival Game

    Synopsis: Vantage is a game where you play a prehistoric cave person and the objective is simple... to survive! You search a massive persistent open world in search of food, drink, and shelter. The game has a realistic, complex, yet intuitive crafting and skill system. Crafting in Vantage is heavily researched to be as realistically accurate as possible. For example: to create a primitive fire you must first create a wooden spindle and hearth, as well as find some tinder (dry grass for example). Then with these items you attempt to create a fire using the "hand drill" method. Crafting uses time and energy, as well as many skills which make your crafting easier. If your crafting skills are to low then you may fail at your professions until you work to get better at them. You can brave the large world alone, or with friends online! Create your own village, or even an entire town with your friends. You can also gather your friends to go hunting for animals. You can go spear-fishing, take out rabbits with your sling, or go for bigger prey like Sabertooth Tigers. And if you are up to the challenge, you can get a group of friends together into a hunting party and you can try your hand at hunting mammoths! Be careful though, the bigger the animals, the more dangerous they are! You can check out more information on the game's Steam website here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/342910/Vantage_Primitive_Survival_Game/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VantageGame Game engine: The game uses its own custom game engine designed in DirectX called VantEdit. It is capable of creating massive sized pre-generated worlds using plate tectonic algorithms, temperature and moisture terraforming, and much more. The engine procedurally generates all the objects on the world as the world is explored by the players. It is capable of generating and manipulating millions of objects. In the future, the world generation and item manipulation framework will be available to players of the game so they can create their own massive world to play in (currently not available at this time). Philosophy and Roadmap: The motivation for making this game was to make a realistic and educational survival game where the fun factor was still top priority. Playing a fun game, and learning something in the process is one of the most rewarding types of video games for me. This is why I have spent so many years working on this and why I have been so passionate about it. It is the game I have always wanted to play and I hope others feel the same. The plan for the game is quite simple: Start at the beginning of human civilization when humans learned to create fire and make the simplest tools. From this point forward, I plan to add content to the game one item, craft and skill at a time. I will systematically update the game with more technologies and game play mechanics for these new crafts and skills, and continue to move forward into the future of human civilization, keeping with the guidelines of making the game fun, realistic and educational. The limit of how far the game can progress is nearly infinite: Bronze Age? Renaissance? Industrial era? The timeline of human advancement is a massive one!
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