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  1. The Blacksmith Game

    But they said a typical win32 application can run on Win8. Nah my program is maybe too old, sorry for the inconvenience. But I tested it on WinXP/WinVista/Win7 and it run fairly.
  2. Hi, my name is Moore, I’m from Philippines. I just want to share my simple game project I created it using MVC++2005, DirectX9, and Milkshape3D. I created the game alone within just 1 week with my own existing engine but I develop my engine for almost 1 year.   The title of the game is “Ang Panday” in English “The Blacksmith”. It is 3D RPG style game and you can finish it with 7 levels.   The Blacksmith Game Download link - > http://www.mediafire.com/?6i76cgj5sbh0pfw   ScreenShot:   Watch the sample video: http://youtu.be/q565pNy-L-c       Thank you very much...   :Moore