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  1. When I was working on performance with alot of meshs, I found it very profitable to 'flag' which of my meshs was static, and then, on runtime, combine all static meshs into one large mesh object and then render that. It worked rather well because it was iterating through a small number of meshs (the vertex count was high for each mesh, however)
  2. Question about game dev history

    I created a simple sprite editor for the TI-99/4a... I'm sure there was one available for devs at the time.
  3. Rate my Game Loop

    So far, it looks pretty good. Again, I'd like to reiterate what ferrous said: avoid magic numbers! He says it's a minor nit, but as you develop software further, you will grow to regret using numbers like that.   Also, i suggest using the code tags when posting code. It just makes it easier to read. :D
  4. New to Game Dev, looking for some guidance.

    I would also suggest this, but later. For now, I suggest you focus on learning a little bit of everything. That way, you have a wide scope of things to choose from when you decide to focus on one field.
  5. Hi there

    Welcome to GDNet, the place where programmers, artists, and musicians all get along to create sweet sweet magic. :D   But seriously, this is THE place to go for programming info. 
  6. New to Game Dev, looking for some guidance.

    First off, welcome to the forums! Secondly, if you're looking for experienced developers, here's the place. Most if not everyone here is here to share knowledge and build a solid knowledge base for all programmers to use.  One of the best things you can do is start reading and posting. Get yourself out there, and talk to a few experienced devs even on this site! That's where I started several years ago. Now I'm developing my own game engine based on the knowledge I've learned here.   Good luck in your endeavors!
  7. Beginner setup questions

    I personally prefer to dev on a Windows 7 machine. Most programs these days are dev'd to be cross platform, however, so if you plan on going that route, the OS is up to what you're comfortable with.   In terms of brands, I generally stick to HP. I've had AlienWare and it was the most unreliable piece I've owned (my own experience). As a starting dev, I wouldn't worry about graphics hardware too much (unless you plan on PLAYING alot of games on the machine). Development generally doesn't take crazy amounts of computer power until you get into some crazy shaders and things.   As for the engine, that's your own personal preference and what you like. Unity is cross platform and simple to use. UDK has an amazing graphics engine, CryEngine... well, I'd stay away... it's very cookie-cutter and not particularly user friendly.   I personally didn't start with an engine. I began with programming, but that's just because that's how I do best. I think in a more technically logical way, so coding was best for me. If you are more visual, using an engine like Unity may be more your speed. It all depends on how you want to get into it.
  8. Math for writing my own screen to world conversion

    Are you talking 3d or 2d? If 3d, i have some algorithms I used way back in my AVR days...
  9. Project Foxclaw

    All screenshots from my game engine alpha, beta, and release demos.
  10. Terrain Generation

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    An experiment with terrain generation. Texturing is bugged, but the generation is pretty solid.
  11. AS3 cockpit

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    A cockpit from Alien Savior 3 in Project Foxclaw
  12. Alien Savior 3 sneak-peak

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    Just a screenshot from Alien Savior 3's main menu in Project Foxclaw
  13. Peach's Castle

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    So I loaded Peach's castle in Project Foxclaw... Works like a charm!
  14. Sci-fi hallway physics

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    Just showing off the physics debug of Project Foxclaw
  15. Sci-fi hallway

    From the album Project Foxclaw

    My first waltz with blender loaded in Project Foxclaw