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  1. Jesse Dager

    Project Foxclaw

    All screenshots from my game engine alpha, beta, and release demos.
  2. Working with bullet physics is a dream compared to the other libs ive worked with! #gamedev #bulletphysics
  3. http://t.co/Lt49vjwsxz please share this around so this virus can be cured!
  4. Update #13 – Logos and sound work! http://t.co/Gezyj887rE
  5. Going as myself for Halloween... ya know, a pretentious gamedev
  6. Hey guys, just fond a totally worthwhile project from @TornadoTwins. http://t.co/UUXwTvg8bT
  7. Just began the theme song for "Toys are Alive" for the #gdnjam
  8. Just got the AI entity system in my engine. Now to bind to lua. #gdnjam http://t.co/VjVCLNeCHy
  9. It runs, now it just needs tiles, level design, AI, and sound. #gdnjam http://t.co/xDLnf67ocG
  10. And now begins my #gdnjam development!
  11. Potentially joining the #gdnjam. Can't wait for the theme!
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