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  1. MisteRnoOrOnha

    D3D vs. Math

    Hi everyone...   I started learning directx programming, i'm here to ask for if all math prerequisites for D3D learning are being used when making any application?   Because there are many functions that make many of these calculations.    
  2. MisteRnoOrOnha

    Torque 3D vs Unity 3D

    And Ogre3d?
  3. MisteRnoOrOnha

    I'm in the right way?

    No, i know how they work and how use them, but another things i not remember the functions.    I started this topic to ask if i need to remember all functions and concepts.
  4. MisteRnoOrOnha

    I'm in the right way?

    I'm using C++, not using managed.   Concepts like back face culling, swap chain and another things.
  5. MisteRnoOrOnha

    I'm in the right way?

    Hello, i started learning DX9 but i don't know if i'm in the right way, can anyone say me how can i discover if i'm the right way?   I'm understanding concepts, but some functions i don't know.
  6. MisteRnoOrOnha

    [SFML]VS2010 Linker errors

    I configured the Debug and Release to use the right lib's(sfml-xxx-d.lib for debug and sfml-xxx-s.lib for release) and then linked sfml-main.lib into linker settings. I added SFML_STATIC to Preprocessor.
  7. MisteRnoOrOnha

    [SFML]VS2010 Linker errors

    Problem solved thanks Cornstalks and Nercury.
  8. MisteRnoOrOnha

    [SFML]VS2010 Linker errors

    I created an new window projected and linked libraries(sfml-main.lib too) and i toke this errors:  
  9. MisteRnoOrOnha

    [SFML]VS2010 Linker errors

    Then is better i create an console application? CLR Console Application at VS2010?
  10. MisteRnoOrOnha

    [SFML]VS2010 Linker errors

    Hello, i'm trying to set up an development enviroment with VS2010 but when i'm trying to compile my SFML code(http://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.0/./start-vc.php) i toke this errors:     I follow the tutorial but don't toke an great result, can anyone help me?
  11. MisteRnoOrOnha

    Minimalist pixel art

    Simple pixel arts, like old style games.
  12. MisteRnoOrOnha

    Minimalist pixel art

    Hello, i started this topic to ask a thing that is hard to find in google, exists a guide to minimalist pixel art?
  13. MisteRnoOrOnha

    GLUT or native window?

    But if i want to make this cross platform? For example if i want to run this game in Raspberry PI? Is best i make my own gui library?
  14. MisteRnoOrOnha

    Flash games

    But exists another method?
  15. MisteRnoOrOnha

    Flash games

    Hello ladies and gentlemans i'm here to ask to you how can i make a game using flash like The Binding of Isaac that runs in the Desktop. How can i compile flash games?
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