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  1. When I was trying to break in to game development I found that knowing where to start was a little difficult.   After finishing my studies I found a job I didn't quiet expect. I don't design games or do anything creative for that matter.   Some time later I decided I'd make my own game, I then had an idea. Why not create a game with others? Why not create a game with 100% of the content submitted from people all over the world who may not have the opportunity to do so normally.   Perhaps it may be a creative outlet for people already in the industry who are sick of every decision being decided for them.   It would be a game for the people, by the people. Certainly not the first idea of its kind but interesting none the less.   After a considerable amount of thought, I prepared a basic project overview:   (Just note that I do not draft game concepts professionally so this may be a little off)     THE NORTHCOTT PROJECT © 2012 http://northcott.forumotion.com Table of contents      -Vision      -The game      -Development      -Marketing      -Revenue share      -Risk Vision The idea itself is not the first of its kind, though with game development easier and quicker than ever, a game developed using the skills, time and knowledge of people all around the world is a more realistic prospect then it has ever been. With one general goal, developers and game enthusiasts alike from all around the world could shape the future of gaming. A MMO by the people, for the people. I wish to share a vision of a user created game with content submitted by both professionals and hard core gamers alike, working together to create a game not driven by profitability but driven by the passion that we all share. 3d assets, character controls, character design, texturing, scripts, plot, 2d art, sound, voice talent, map design … The list is endless, whatever your poison – you CAN help. The Game While a vague description is necessary to provide a common direction for the people to work toward, the idea is to keep it very simple. Nothing is set in stone. The general idea is to have content voted upon using a ranking system, successful content (whatever it may be) will be highly considered for project deployment. The current concept is a post apocalyptic survival game, a fictional mass of land set in various environments such as urban, metropolitan, countryside and forest areas to name a few. Build alliances with other players, join a “camp” or “clan” for protection from others or play solo and keep 100% of the spoils. Explore terrain, cities and buildings for rations, weapons, ammunition and medicine. Put a foot wrong and you’ll find yourself waking in an NPC camp (safe zone), having lost everything in your inventory. Build upon your skills such as mechanical, agriculture and combat to ensure a greater chance of survival. Development. The initial stage of development is building upon a concept, getting everything on paper is the first step. Developing the game in Unity is the current idea but as stated before, nothing is set in stone. In the concept stage you are free to submit your ideas and be a part of the building blocks on which the game is created. Maps, characters, history, you name it - it’s all open for discussion. The concept stage is intended to run for a period of 6 to 12 months, we want to get it right the first time. All ideas should be submitted at the official website below: http://northcott.forumotion.com Marketing. At this stage there is no set plan for marketing, I believe this is a good thing. I have the full confidence that this project will attract some very innovative minds, who are welcome to decide how the game is marketed. At this point it is believed that online advertising and word of mouth will be the most successful. All ideas for future marketing should be submitted on the website Revenue Share. I believe that all hard work should be rewarded, based on the ranking system, any content that is successfully deployed in to the finished project will receive “DEV points”. These points will represent your ownership of the project, that’s right – you’ll own part of the game. The amount of points you receive will depend on the quality of the submission, the difficulty level of the submission, the estimated time spent, and the general importance of your submission to the game. The point system has not been developed yet, just like everything else in the project it will be designed by the community in the early project stages. Once the game is live, your points will determine your share in the company. Once the game is generating revenue, the essential aspects of maintenance such as servers will be paid for, the remaining profit will continually be divided up between shareholders until the game becomes unprofitable or you sell your share. At this early stage there are some obvious ideas on how the game will generate revenue, such as advertising and the option to pay a subscription for additional content. Suggestions on such ideas are welcome on the website. Risk It would be very irresponsible to say that this project has a guarantee of success. Many things can go wrong, there is less risk involved then many other game projects because there is absolutely no capital needed in the early stages. As the content submitted will be done on a voluntary bases and that there is an understanding between participants that there is no guarantee of financial gain as a result of submitting content. We can not guarantee anything. If we make it to production and the game is profitable, people who submitted content will receive a financial return on on their work, but making it to that stage is not guaranteed in any way. If you wish to take part in this project, do it for the love of gaming. If you end up making money out of it then that's a bonus!   _________________________________________________________________________________________________   That overview can be found on the website.   Any thoughts or suggestions?   If you are interested, have a look here http://northcott.forumotion.com/t4-read-this-before-making-a-submission to see the type of content we are seeking in these early stages.   I would appreciate any feedback and what your thoughts are,   Thanks.