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  1. So much awesome art to add to #Arnthak from @JaytheRobot this weekend....
  2. I do hope that @cfxmusic doesn't release sound clips of the skype call with @JaytheRobot
  3. Still a few hours left on #PixelChallengeOfTheDay, but here's the entries so far! http://t.co/Y2Nh2uTc
  4. Ok, contact in the USA clearly not at work today/answering phone. Time for snoozin'
  5. #pixelchallengeoftheday - 2 cats, 2 rats, 1 food bowl. EGA palette, 20x20 each. http://t.co/YhhkzwvM
  6. Pretty sure this used to be a bigger image in days of old: http://t.co/xHOhD3Vw
  7. [quote name='EmployeeNumber8' timestamp='1358176023' post='5021412'] Do you have any programming buddies? [/quote] Actually, EmployeeNumber8 makes an awesome point. I'm noticing that my productivity and motivation stay at much higher average levels from working in a team - I also have a bunch of other gamedevs on twitter and we keep each other on track. You can lone-wolf it if you desire, but you'll be thankful for at least a little bit of a support network. Helps to wave off the depression...
  8. Going through http://t.co/Bu5GIKrZ's #ScreenshotSaturday showdown... I realise that I 'know' a *lot* of gamedevs. It's a happy thought.
  9.   This person gets it completely. Coding is about constantly evolving your product.     People get depressed, tired, lose morale... it's all pretty common. Here's some advice: Stick it out, Put in a constant effort (do something every day, even something small). Keep a notebook of your ideas Play games! (See what others do right, learn from their mistakes and also take the time to relax) Have a life outside gamedev! (remember to have friends and keep other people around you) It sounds patronising, and I shudder to say it but you're young! At 17, you're still young enough that you should just be powering along and building up your skills. The general consensus is that it takes 10,000 hours of an activity to make someone into an expert - that's a lot of hours!
  10. Game engine or no game engine

    Depends upon your end goal.   Do you want to just have fun coding, or do you want to release something?   If you start work on an engine, you will rarely finish it....