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  1. It's just my setting for the world that my game takes place in. I just needed to work the kinks out of the world's history. As for the game, the story will follow smaller nit groups depending on what factions campaign your playing through. Expect typical RTS level of story. Im just a sucker for backstory and lore.   Alot of the things that make up each faction I took from lots of sources. The hive is based from Zerg and Tyranid (Starcraft and Warhammer) for an example.
  2. The time alteration needs some hammering out the more I look at it. My mind has been more occupied withother stuff at the moment. Genetic modification isn't totaly outside the realm of possibilities either. Especially when it comes to clones.   I like the rogue states idea. The reasoning behind why a small group can be looser than that of a whole country. I can easily change stuff around without affecting the setting as a whole.   It's late at the moment and it's been along day, so I'm having a hard time with what you mean by the "Too many soldiers". If anything, it's more of a mechanics from a player's perspective thing. Ex. why is it a player can train unlimited amounts of units from the barracks or how come nobody ever has to worry about running out of ammo?   The story driven part of the game will feature unique people (in regards to the clones). I just need to fill the role of random soldier A and clones fit the bill easily.
  3. Kyle Howard

    Single heath bar vs Detailed Damage indicators

    Nope, got it. :D Just figured I'd put my two bits in.
  4. It's actually along the lines of how i came to the magic thought. Kinda like a subtle telekinetic ability to use raw elements. If I add in the ability to utilize some sort of mind control, that helps my storyline itself.   The American military is trying to stop the hive by killing lesser hiveminds on the way up to the big guy (think zerg/tyranid). Russia can skip steps and use the hive to fight itself and later serve their own purposes. Then when America's allies step in to help the fight russia could become the badguy again. My mind is flowing with ideas now @.@
  5. Kyle Howard

    Single heath bar vs Detailed Damage indicators

    I wasn't meaning to use fatigue. I was thinking that in your game, your display would would represent the seperate parts of the body. Just gettin the noggin to do some legwork as it were.   I can just imagine now, crawling to a near by health item. almost... there...
  6. Kyle Howard

    Carrying capacity (primarily for RPGs)

    Give access through a quest or whatnot, that rewards the player with some sort of "mule". This "mule" will come to the player when called/summoned/is always following the player or any other reason you could get it to you.   The point to the "mule" is for it to carry anything you give it, to your house/HQ/base/robbed bed and box. This mule could be a summoned creature or demonic shopkeep (poke at skyrim), a bird or pack dog to be called, or an actual mule that follows you around and waits outside dungeons. The downside to followers that every player knows is that they have a penchant for getting themselves killed (by enemies or friendly fire), not to mention bad pathfinding that runs them off cliffs or "the long way around".   There was a diablo clone that you had a pet that would do something similar and when you sent it to town you would have to wait till your pet got back. A summon would have the advantage of a one way trip but with lower capacity.   This solves the inventory game while your adventuring and postpones it until you get home.
  7. Kyle Howard

    Single heath bar vs Detailed Damage indicators

    In DnD when you are using unarmed combat, your character deals fatigue damage. If your fatigue damage is equal to or greater than your health then your character passes out.   I would invision this as single health bar with an off color, opaque overlay in a different color. Something like that would still be a single bar with the benefit of the seperation.   You could set up the levels in such a way that you can get all sorts of sweet cool stuff and upgrades and all that whatnot. Add in a grapple hook you could do all sorts of complicated moves to get said stuff. If your legs are busted you still *could* complete the level but you'll miss out on the loot.   Something to get ideas flowing. :D
  8. Actually, Russia is my favorite. I love magic, but I wanted it t be in a non-fantasy setting (It's going to be wierd trying to pull off a fantasy mechanic in a scifi game though). So beyond my recent focus on the hive, I've got most of how Russia fuctions as an RTS faction. It's trying to explain how magic works realistically.   Mechanically wise, I was thinking Russia's strategy was in squad composition. The player starts with basic squads and can add other units to it to really create his own squads. I like the idea of fallout induced mutation. That adds a whole level of customization from the players view. I would just need to keep the mutations subtle when compared to the hive. A second thought I just had for Russia. I could add some sort of trained war dog, complete with their own mutation.
  9. I love the idea about the plants. From a player's view, I could use some sort of plantlike traits as guides for "buildings". I'm also looking into chimera stuff and I notice that I could use the surrounding sea life. Things like barnacles and the like look pretty alien up close.   That's fanTASTIC idea for the Network's seperation. It is still friendly to civilian life I'll note. I was thinking that the huge variation between the russian DNA and American civilian DNA caused the network to lable them as a new hive bioform. Plus, I wanted a "we hate you so here we are to kill you but you're worse off than we are and we'll help you cus we're awesome" *gasp* kinda thing.
  10. I like that. All your tech is available right from the get go. You just customize your tank the way you like it and each addon costs X amount. That way it feels like more of the players coll guys not just; 'I win 'cause I upgraded faster.
  11. Kyle Howard

    Game Idea, Please read

    What if it's crazy debilitating, like attribute damage and THEN if certain attributes hit 0 then its like a permenent death/reload last save. Then if the game sees that you keep dieing from hunger it could ask you if you want to adjust the hunger setting. That way you don't lose a save 'cause you forgot your steak at home.   Various physical skills could exhaust more hunger, or if its there is a magic system that could drain a bit to. Kinda like it's physically taxing to cast spells. Just spitballing now :p
  12. I'm going to point out something real quick here. A game like that would involve an incredible amount of micro for success. Especially mars. With only a few units period you can't afford to lose one. As for tech trees, mars and the army would definately benefit. Even in TD games you upgrade your turrets. The reason most of those mechanics exist, is because it works well.   On a more positive side: The ninjas sound pretty great though. Kinda ignore the other players as a whole and focus on a pve enviroment in a pvp game. I like the feel behind your game idea as a whole, it really breaks down well. Makes the players focus on one aspect of a typical RTS. Like horde fighting? Army. Micro? Mars. Caring less about other players as a whole (and being totaly awesome)? Ninjas
  13. Kyle Howard

    Game Idea, Please read

    Hey now guys, sometimes the same isn't all that bad. Alot of top end developers out there take from other huge games from time to time. I'm sure that given time to review his progress on the thought that it'll shape into something more than a skyrim clone. angry birds is in a genre thats been around for ages, they just marketed the game at a good time. Look at all the GTA's its the same game in a different city. Every year we get a new sports game of every sport. Dare i say that a number of the FPS games that have been coming out are all starting to blur into the same game.   The security of it is; a person might make a game thats a clone of another because he knows that it's already popular, where as a unique idea may or may not flop and he doesnt like risk. Either that or he really wants to see more games in the same genre and wants to learn to take up the mantle himself.
  14. Kyle Howard

    Medieval RPG Ideas

    Even though it would be a pretty big undertaking dont get discouraged. Another game that has similar stuff in it is minecraft with a few mods. Not to pick at anyone but that game was made by a handfull of people and the mods you would add to get a similar feel didnt take to long at all.   I agree with serratemplar about Super Meat Boy. Take all your info about your current idea and write it all down. Then, your gonna need to learn simple stuff. Make a Tetris clone and Mario clone and just kinda progress from there. All the while just keep adding stuff to your idea up there to shape it a make it more solid. That way when you do attempt to make it, you've got a deeper understanding of game design.   I'm also going to point out that you could bring the main point across without super killer graphics. We aren't competing with Square or Moneysoft to make a best seller (yet) it's the general joy of making something and showing everyone else.
  15. Kyle Howard

    RPG system idea

    As in a sort of DnD roll the dice and hope you get a sweet stat? If its anything like that I would reserve it for bigger abilities instead of average. On the other hand if its also guiding stats and the game is class based and the growth also random, I think that as long as random favors the class it wouldnt be so bad. Let's say intelligence and strength are stats. On level the fighter class gets between 2 and 6 str and 0 to 4 int. It is still random but in a more controlled manner. The same could be done with abilities. I think that as along as the random is guided there should be to much of an issue. Especially if it is a game where you can collect lots of party members (like tactics ogre or final fantasy tactics).
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