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  1. How to learn game engine

    Thanks for the reply :) seems the best way to start, has anyone experience with these tutorials?
  2. How to learn game engine

    Hi,   I'm a Belgian industrial engineer in informatics. I always wanted to make a game and already tested some game engines (Unity, JMonkey). I think Unity will be the best game engine to learn? (correct me if i'm wrong) But now I'm wondering where I can find some good tutorials to learn Unity. Anybody who can help me?
  3. Maybe Eclipse or Netbeans? It's more for Java but also C/C++-support. Now i'm using Eclipse atm
  4. specific set of tutorials c++   Maybe this will help? Let me know!
  5. Learning C++ is always a + It was my first language. If you know C++, it's very east to learn Java and C# (it's easy to learn every language if you know C++, because C++ is the hardest to learn)
  6. First Game

    My box could be in the purple circle in level one? Bug? Also only sound at right speaker Played the first two levels
  7. Multiplayer web game - where to start?

    You can communicate between players by using sockets. Also you can communicate with just HTTP for a turn-based game ;) This you can use to make a game that start from the browser...   For just a text-based game in the browser you can use PHP/ASP.NET/JSP or JSF