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  1. Dead nervous...:S
  2. lol what a joke! :L
  3. ballmer's peak successfully reached ! Score!
  4. best get ma rod out, cuz im goin fishin!!!
  5. anyone into pixel art ?
  6. Need a Dev Team ASAP!!
  7. Need a Dev Team ASAP!!
  8. does anyone know any programmers/developers in stapenhill that would be interested in helping with my mmorpg? let me know or tag em... thanks
  9. Continuing a Game that is a clone

    just played for a good 10 mins on my own haha. i think you have really gave a plain game a very interesting and youthful twist, i just wanted to get all the upgrades and try every level, all i say is update the graphics and keep the same concept maybe add more levels and something you can spend your points on or something... Brilliant keep it up i hope too see it on the droid or apple marketplace (y)