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  1. Fellow Gamers,   I'm posting today with a few updates to the Galactic Council project. For those of you who haven't heard of it, Galactic Council is my indie project that I've been working on for the past year. It is a free(for now), browser based (no flash or plugin required to play), sci-fi deck-building card game (ala Dominion or Ascension.)   There is a funding campaign looming, I'll be collecting funds to "beef up" the existing framework with better...well, everything. In addition to these slated overall improvements, there are several features that I should be completing beforehand, including what I feel is the most promising feature of Galactic Council: the ability for the each community member to make cards for the deckbuilding game. You can see a video of me using a very early build of this feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jzFKE3jhCg   This is actually the reason I'm posting today. In anticipation for the completion of this Create-A-Card feature, I've constructed the skeletal membership system for the site. This new system provides the first foothold of the game's outer "progression" game, in that players earn points by playing the primary deck-building game. These earned points (aka "Beacon Nanons") will eventually represent something like EXP found in most RPG games. For now though, I'm going to start granting access to the "Create-A-Card" feature to players who reach a threshold of earned Beacon Nanons. Its my way of knowing that you're playing, serious, and that you understand the mechanics of the game enough to make a decent card. If you're sold already here's the link to sign up(though you may want to read on a bit for a promo code): http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/member_pages/sign_up.php   Upon signing up, you'll have several options to increase your point earnage. Completing the verification process, inviting friends who then verify their account, and entering in a promotional code will all increase how many points you earn each game. Enter "GameDevNet" as your promo code to earn 25% more points per game!   The spirit of this entire project is to allow the community to directly influence the game's ongoing development through a myriad of ways. I think its about time to implement this design technique. There is a Beacon Nanon-modifier, "Content Assists". While I work on bringing more "formal" ways of contributing to the project, (lore building, card making, bug tracking etc.) I made this "Content Assist" value to track the EARLIEST contributions to the site. While waiting for the more formal contribution features, players can e-mail me (with the account they used to sign up with) with bug reports, card ideas, card rules, short stories for existing cards, sci-fi images...if I find what you e-mail me helpful and/or usable I will grant you one of these Content Assist points. Not only will it modify your BN earnage right now, it will mark your profile so that I can lavish you with in-game rewards as more features reach completion. It is part and parcel to the entire "community sourced" concept I'm going for - granting a bevy of rewards and recognition to community members who help make GC a better place to get your game on. This starts right now.   For those of you who may have already checked the game out, the new content to see is the membership/point collection feature, more icons, and a ton of visual updates/tweaks.   So I'll do a summation tl;dr here: -Galactic Council now has a membership system where players can earn points by playing games -The Create-A-Card feature is nearing completion -Players who reach a certain threshold of points will be the first who are able to create new cards -Players can have their point earnage modified by promo codes, friend invites, account verification, and "Content Assists" -Players can now earn "Content Assists" by e-mailing me (with their registered account e-mail) just about anything that will improve the existing game for in-game rewards both now and later.   Here's a few links: Video Demonstration/Tutorial(an older build, but still viable): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt0SSv4oG-s Game Tutorial(s): http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/onepage/tutorial/ Read more about the project:http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/promo_content/about_this_project.php Game Lobby: http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/onepage/lobby.php A Short Lore Vignette on a typical battle: http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/promo_content/story1.php   Thanks guys, see you in game! Sam - "h1ff"
  2. Fellow Gamers,    I'm announcing my first game I've developed, Galactic Council. I've been working on this project for about a full year now, and I think I've finally honed down the gameplay and interface to a "beta" phase. Or at least an Alpha.5   That's why I'm here posting today, I need feedback on the game. I know the game too well and thus now suck at doing my own testing. I need to get some people in the game lobby!   A bit about the game, it is a deck building science fiction themed card game that utilizes a web interface. If you can open a browser, you should be able to play Galactic Council - no download required (just the most recent version of your preferred web browser and up-to-date Javascript.)   Here's a screencap:      Time for some links.   A tutorial video for deck building games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv2O9gGxhMg -A video explaining the basic concepts of a deck building game with a traditional deck of cards. Check it out if you've never heard of a deck building game before.   This is the tutorial I've constructed for the game:  http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/onepage/tutorial/ -I'd also appreciate feedback on game's tutorial - let me what does and does not make sense to you.   Read a bit about what the entire project is about here: http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/promo_content/about_this_project.php   Finally, the game's lobby can be found here: http://www.samthewebsiteguy.com/galacticcouncil/onepage/lobby.php -You can create a game and wait for another player to join you, or you can copy and paste a generated link to a friend - easy peasy!     Please check it out for me and let me know what you think! See you in game. Sam "h1ff" Minnis