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  1. Medieval RPG Ideas

    Hey, just thought i had a good idea for a game. It will be a medieval roleplay game and also free roam. You will be a character (customizable at start) choosing from several classes (bowman, crossbowman, one handed weapon {leaving room for a shield or another sword}, two handed weapon. There will be a currency of course and hunger. Their will be towns, villages and cities across the free roam medieval world. Some might be low on food at the time or have varying skill in the blacksmith. You could at the start (low on money) have to resort to crime (to satisfy your hunger or money needs),be a regular in a countries army or find money some other way (mercenary, run errands, helping other people who will reward you). Later on, with more money in hand, you could purchase better armour or weapons and  later become  a renowned lord and own a town and fight for your king or be savage pillager of villages, once again the choice is yours. I personally don't have much more than a few hours of game making in unity and such but if you would like to make it or help please do. If you want more info add me on skype: zane.stozza (this was just a brief overview of what the game would be like)
  2. Game Idea, Please read

    Please see this on Game Design page, accidental post on this page http://www.gamedev.net/topic/637447-medieval-rpg-ideas/
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