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  1. Hey again..

    Today I was surfing on BlacBerry Appworld and found one game called as "Doodle Dude". The game was developed by "Manthan Studio".

    After so many days I found the Doodle game and it gave me a strong thought related to Doodle games. So I have downloaded that game and played. It was 15 levels game with really cool graphics.


    Here are some cool screenshots for this game:


    Anyways, so I want to ask How many of you (like me) love Doodle Games?


    Which doodle games have you played?


    And what kind of some different features you think should be present in Doodle game apart from other games?


    You can even share links relatd to the same here...


    [attachment=13720:bluff timer.png][attachment=13721:hanging stone.png]

  2. Is this for multiplayer RPG, shooter, RTS or something else? 

    The differences between these are fairly large - rpgs have skills and usually leveled progress. Shooters may not have either, and RTS games are rather different beast all together.I'm sure there's some other obvious multiplayer genres that I'm forgetting.


    But the features I can think of are more genre specific, rather than generic. Or are you specifically looking for generic multiplayer features that can apply to any genre?

    Yes actually I am looking for generic multiplayer games which will combine all types of genres.

    As mentioned above the group of features which can be implemented in any type of gaming by sorting as per the genre.

  3. Hello all,

    I want some ideas from all of you about features in multiplayer gaming.

    Which features can I add in normal multiplayer gaming?

    Currently common features includes challenging a friend, giving him a target, posting on wall for beating the score, asking for the help to clear the level or some part of the level, sharing score or level up and NFC.


    What features comes to your mind for making multiplayer game more interesting?

    Share your innovative ideas here using your creativity so that it will help me and others in future for multiplayer gaming..smile.png

  4. When I think about a game concept I get vast ideas because of my study in game reviews, playing games, observing some techniques and even reading stories. But when we make a very creative  and vast concept there comes the limitation of coading.

    So just thinking most crative things and idea leads to waste of time because finally you have to design your game under the limits of codes.


    Hope designers will agree on this point.

  5. Yes BB stands for BlackBerry.

    I want to write game engine for mobile devices which includes Nokia devices also with Java platform.

    Features like simple touch and keys are to be implemented no accelerometers or cameras.

    The game will be 2D .

    Game will be simple with AI logic and single player game.

    I am going to write the engine 1st time for all platforms but I don't want to do the rework so I want some suggestions that Is there any possibility for the same?

  6. Some inspiration might be found here: http://gamenaminator.com/


    The type of names I chose are usually heavily dependent on the setting (scifi, fantasy, realisitic, near-future etc) and on the culture I'm trying to describe (for example, having a Space Empire in my scifi setting makes me pick more roman-esque names for characters originating from it). (sidenote: try not to act on any stereotypes though...)

    I'll throw a random name out there for your spy character (or any male I guess): Rizzo DeWald.

    Ok thanks Milcho... this will be helpful.... I will try this link.

  7. Hi all,

    I have an game idea which is almost ready.

    And I want you help to give names to the game play characters.

    Here are some details of the game:

    The game will be simulation based, 3 girls and 5 boys characters will be present.

    Out of 3 girls 2 girls are scientists cool.png , other is terrorist ph34r.png ..

    Out of 4 boys 2 are terrorists ph34r.png , 1 is a cop , 1 is scientist and 1 is a spy huh.png .


    Please give me some suggestions for their names.

    M confused ?:| blink.png

  8. After playing for more time player come to know about AI logic. So it's more fun to play with humans than AI.

    Any one can experience this while playing Counter strike and can easily find the difference by playing game like Virtual Cop.

    When multiplayer games were not there at that time playing Virtual cop was fun, but after playing multiplayer games I prefer them only. 

    There is no repetitive action or the same logic. Its fun to play.

  9. http://www.cs.northwestern.edu/~hunicke/MDA.pdf


    Personally, I recommend the MDA (Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics) approach and looking at the 8 Aesthetics( Main Reasons why people play games):



    1. Sensation
      Game as sense-pleasure  (Hearing/music - Catherine, Sight/art - El Shaddai )
    2. Fantasy 
    as make-believe (Soldier - Call of Duty, Spy - Splinter Cell, Mage/Warrior/Rogue - Skyrim, etc, etc)
    3. Narrative 
       Game as drama (For the story, Most J-RPG's, Spec Ops: The Line, etc)
    4. Challenge
      Game as obstacle course (Super Meat Boy, Demons Souls, Any game that's hard)
    5. Fellowship
      Game as social framework (Teamwork with other people. Horde on Gears of War, Co-op mode on any game, etc)
    6. Discovery
      Game as uncharted territory (Wandering around Skyrim, Fallout 3, Sandbox games)
    7. Expression
      Game as self-discovery (Allow's a person to express themselves. Through choices, in-game creation - minecraft, music creation in Mabinogi, etc)
    8. Submission
      Game as pastime (To lose oneself in, mindless past-time. Pokemon, Final Fantasy, etc)
    Personally, I have one more: 
    9. Competition
    Game as competition (Multiplayer in Call of Duty)
    These are the reasons people play games.
    Most games have at least three aesthetics. Although some games have fragments of other aesthetics, Mario having story to rescue princess, nobody plays Mario for the story, thus Narrative isn't an aesthetic in Mario.

    I agree with you.. and want to add some more games


    9. Competition

    Pong shot Reloaded on BB, play multi player game with BBM friends.


    10. To complete Game missions and Achievements or to complete goals:

    There are many games having specific goals, missions and achievements. Player plays to complete those like Jet pack Joyride, Temple Run etc.

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