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  1. Yes story based strategy games creates interest in player... Story should be strong enough to engage player.
  2. Definitly the UI you have thought of is cool but just focusing on the UI and not the functionality may fail the design. So be sure that the scrolling should be fast and functionality remains as it is.
  3. Hey again.. Today I was surfing on BlacBerry Appworld and found one game called as "Doodle Dude". The game was developed by "Manthan Studio". After so many days I found the Doodle game and it gave me a strong thought related to Doodle games. So I have downloaded that game and played. It was 15 levels game with really cool graphics.   Here are some cool screenshots for this game:   Anyways, so I want to ask How many of you (like me) love Doodle Games?   Which doodle games have you played?   And what kind of some different features you think should be present in Doodle game apart from other games?   You can even share links relatd to the same here...   [attachment=13720:bluff timer.png][attachment=13721:hanging stone.png]
  4. Its Awesome!!!! Keep it up... Just loved it :) Thank you for sharing :) :)
  5. The Thief series, Elder Scrolls series, Pirates, Vikings & Knights 1&2, Savage 1&2 are some good archery FP games.. These are practically the only games that have decent archery physics in them
  6. Start game designing by vast thinking. Don't stop your thinking because of any limitation. Think as big as you can. From a huge idea a proper design can be made by editing it correctly and the game becomes more perfect.
  7. Yes actually I am looking for generic multiplayer games which will combine all types of genres. As mentioned above the group of features which can be implemented in any type of gaming by sorting as per the genre.
  8. Hello all, I want some ideas from all of you about features in multiplayer gaming. Which features can I add in normal multiplayer gaming? Currently common features includes challenging a friend, giving him a target, posting on wall for beating the score, asking for the help to clear the level or some part of the level, sharing score or level up and NFC.   What features comes to your mind for making multiplayer game more interesting? Share your innovative ideas here using your creativity so that it will help me and others in future for multiplayer gaming..
  9. In addition to all the above points don't forget to add good sound in your game. Perfect event based sounds does a very important role in engaging the game.
  10. When I think about a game concept I get vast ideas because of my study in game reviews, playing games, observing some techniques and even reading stories. But when we make a very creative  and vast concept there comes the limitation of coading. So just thinking most crative things and idea leads to waste of time because finally you have to design your game under the limits of codes.   Hope designers will agree on this point.
  11.   These are really helpful sites. Thanks for sharing.
  12.   Yes FrankDanJohansen I agree :)  
  13. Yes it is... Because I just don't copy the concepts but take inspiration from many games and combine all together to make a new game. So if you are aware of any thing then do share.
  14. Hi all, I am searching on internet from many days for some new game concepts but I am not get something which is exciting and really inspires me. I am not searching for any specific game genre. If any one knows where to search then help me to find the same.  
  15. Thanks a lot... This is very useful. Here a one more link: http://www.stuff.tv/news/past-and-future/gaming-greats/25-best-space-games-ever?page=0,0