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  1. Dear Citizen,   While I like the theme of the post it is rather cool trying to garner attention by making it an email plea for help.   I started where you are honestly. Just not with games. I learned out of necessity. I learned a lot on YouTube from a guy called "The New Boston"  Here is his link: http://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston/videos I started with Java but most people will tell you to avoid it because its very very in depth. Not good for beginners but I started with it so I could learn how to code for android.  Android is likely going to be my platform of choice when it comes to writing games.  Plus I just ordered the Ouya yesterday with the aspiration to getting a few games out (Visual novel styles) out by mid next year? Link to Ouya: http://www.ouya.tv/   These are my goals and aspirations.   Well met, CodemonkeyAlx
  2. CodemonkeyAlx

    Brainstorming: Starting "Simple" text adventure.

    I mean like something like Zork or even Adventure (Those originals)    Then it's IF. I was asking because I recall some editors for IF style text adventures (like define a room, item, make some connection between them, etc). You could try to find one, maybe it will give you some technical ideas.   Text adventures generally run along those lines - Define a room, whats in it and the various exits you can see and what things you can interact with
  3. CodemonkeyAlx

    Brainstorming: Starting "Simple" text adventure.

    I mean like something like Zork or even Adventure (Those originals) 
  4. CodemonkeyAlx

    Brainstorming: Starting "Simple" text adventure.

      Why are you settling for "stereotypical introduction" when you know could be original? Good stories and immersion experience need a conflict that is being solved. The main character needs a motive to be the ones solving it. Just my attempt to build something like that, only an example:   Why not try with the character being a hunter that is on a regular hunting trip when something goes wrong? Hunter has a reason to know how to handle firearms and reason to be in the forest. Or you could try with something else and see if that springs up ideas that could interestingly connect to other parts of your story / the gameplay mechanics.   Maybe the person in the forest stumbles on something ancient / alien and activates it by accident examining it, activating the portal system all over the world. So the character feels a bit guilty and has the motive to get to the bottom of the phenomenon that he (seemingly) caused.   About tutorial sections, I think it is important that you teach the player the basics BEFORE you start to drive the story forward. The players needs to be in the character before you can make the player feel afraid, thrilled, curious or angry about the things that happen to the character. Why not have the tutorial part in the forest and after that something happens, blackout, portals appearing, other characters etc. That way already by the time the character blacks out and the world is in upheaval, you'll have the player at the edge of their seat   That is actually a really epic idea! I had not thought about it like that - LOVING this plan though I should tweak it a little so as I am not copying word for word.       I mean like basics of movement (From room to room obviously) basic commands and so on like that. - Some people have never played them and I want to promote people being able to get into the game by keeping things simple and well explained from the start.
  5. CodemonkeyAlx

    Brainstorming: Starting "Simple" text adventure.

      Thanks for the advice! - Pen and Pad it is for this stage! - Might make a dev journal of it.       Thanks for the input! - I'll be working on refining this idea over the next few days / weeks.   -TO BOTH OF YOU!-   Thank you both for the advice / encouragement because I have been other places that generally shun a newbie from eking out something of their own.. I wanted to start with a text adventure / RPG because it was something that seemed simple and written in Java meant it could be run just about anywhere right from the package itself.   Good plan needs work but lets see what I can get my brain to plop out. I'll keep posting to this thread with my findings!
  6. CodemonkeyAlx

    Retro Hacker Game

    I personally loved Hack RUN for android - It was an epic little text adventure that went into the detail of having its own web-browser / text editor and it was fun to play.   Something like that would be epic and just because there is something better out there does not mean you should not try brew your own because everything in this industry is a learning experience even if its a fail. Look at square soft. Final Fantasy was named that because it was the LAST game they had money to put out on before going bankrupt and it brought them around to what they are today!
  7. I have been working with Java for about a year now and I have yet to make anything real come of it (Outside of android - I built a personal safety application) So I wanted to see if I could drum up an idea for a text adventure built in Java I wish it to be open source as well.   I have been brainstorming this idea for a while now for a while and I have a basic idea of how I want things to flow.   You get the stereotypical introduction of your character being passed out in the woods with no recollection of where they were or what they were doing when they got there. You are saved by two brothers who take you home and nurse you back to health. After you wake up get your equipment you are then set free for the rest of the tutorial. After the tutorial is over a Portal shows up in the middle of town. This portal is used as both an in game catalyst as well as an "Expansion System" to make the game more fun by using user generated content and and mods.    So the portals menu will lay out like so: - Locations  - Quests - Community Portal (Link to game site) - DLC (Link to github mods page) - Save - Exit   Naturally you can being up a basic menu offering save  / exit / inventory and ETC anywhere in the game so long as you are not in combat.   So the portal acts as a kind of stargate that can take you places. As well as give access to the UGC.    So this is my idea.. What's the general opinion?       
  8. CodemonkeyAlx

    Dev group?

    Best response ever, but I can see how ts is right on this. If you want to learn via messing with code that is likely the best place to do so.
  9. CodemonkeyAlx

    New to GDN, Working with Android!

    So, hello all. I did not know if there was a proper introduction thread laying around some place or not if so I'm sorry, if not then I guess I got the right place :D   So a bit about me: - I'm 21 years old. - I have been interested in games since about 97 when I laid my hands on a PS1 however it was not with final fantasy sadly. However I do have a copy of FF-VII & VII laying around :D - I only recently started working with android and it was mostly for apps to be of use to people. My dad and I raised a company out of it. The likes of which I will soon be forming my own company here soon with the soul dedication to bringing games to android.   Now with all of this being said I am not going to go into the typical "I'ma Boss this stuff!" and get two days in and give up..   I am however looking for a place to learn and grow as a game developer!   All things being said! - Nice to meet you all I looks forward to being an active member here!   -Alx
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