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    What to write with now?

    Hey thanks for pointing out that stuff on C++, it might make going back to it a little less painless.   Well maybe its because I never truely had a decent grasp on the concept, but I always seem to get undesired results with them. Values and exceptions all over the place. I guess I just like how C# makes errors less likely. And I can return an array without haveing to use a pointer which again I seem to have error issues with   I'm mostly self taught btw, so by no means do I consider myself a professional programmer
  2. Havok635

    What to write with now?

    Well risking sounding ignorant, I dont know what xna operates through or whatever. I haven't programmed in really a year so I'm rusty. I would just like to know if I should really consider relearning c++ or I can stick with what I know with c#. I've already been considering java for my first game since it will be server heavy. Again thank you all though for your replies. Its good to learn about all this stuff and its relationships
  3. Havok635

    What to write with now?

    lol fair enough. :p Just don't want to write a game then have to recode the entire thing in a new language. And I tried for 4 months now to join the creators club but it just sites there loading for eternity. I can't sign up :/
  4. Havok635

    What to write with now?

    Hey thanks for the replies. This is good to hear because I love working with C#, just codes friendlier than C++ in my opinion. Plus I HATE pointers. Anyway even though I can still write with it I cant submit anything to the xbox indie market, so I can develop but not potentially sell. Anything on that?
  5. So since xna is more or less dead now, what is the best next programming language to write with? I mean I'd love to write a game for the xbox but you can't now :/ Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Havok635

    RPG system idea

    Thanks for all the input it was helpful. And I was going for more of latent random abilities, not forcing a class on someone or affecting their lvling. My best example is like XCOM: Enemy Unknown where the psionic able characters are random. But in the game I'm making it would be more than just psionics. I just don't want to create a condition where people stop playing because they couldn't get the character they wanted.     I've always thought this would be an interesting way to structure a rogue-like.   Rather than letting the player choose talents, you randomly assign the character a complete set of talents upon creation, but hide them from the player. Progression is then a matter of discovering and honing your latent talents, which seems like a better analogue for real life... And ya the last statement is the feel is I was going for   Thanks again everyone
  7. Havok635

    RPG system idea

    So I'd like some feedback on a  rpg system idea. How do you all feel about a system where the player's character can lvl like a normal rpg, but certain abilities and powers are "random". Like the character is gifted in magic or is psionic(this "random" is influenced by the characters past and stats like high intellegence by increasing their chance to get it). Im just not sure how this would be recieved by players because if they want to be psionic for example its not a guaratee.   Hope that made sense, I know I didn't word it well. So any questions please ask
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