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  1. sorry figured out blit(166 + ((input - navX) * 150),125,themeRes[0],screen);  input was the icon number :) thanks
  2. it dont work like that, all the icon are together and move together,   navX is the current selection on the x axis grid #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <SDL/SDL.h> #include <SDL/SDL_image.h> #include "functions.h" #include "controls.h" extern SDL_Surface *screen; extern navX,navY; SDL_Surface *themeRes[11]; void interfaceTheme(void) { themeRes[0] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_user.png"); // user icon themeRes[1] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_player.png"); // player/user sub icon themeRes[2] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_newuser.png"); // new user icon themeRes[3] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_music.png"); // main music icon themeRes[4] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_music_album_default.png"); // group music icon themeRes[5] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_music_default.png"); // default song icon themeRes[6] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_usb.png"); // default usb icon themeRes[7] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_network.png"); // default network icon themeRes[8] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_setting.png"); // settings icon themeRes[9] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_update.png"); // update icon themeRes[10] = IMG_Load("Resource/theme/basic/icon_poweroff.png"); // poweroff icon } void OrbisInterface(void) { SDL_FillRect(screen,NULL,0x000000); blit(166 + ((4 - navX) * 150),125,themeRes[0],screen); blit(166 + ((4 - navX) * 150),125,themeRes[2],screen); blit(166 + ((4 - navX) * 150),125,themeRes[8],screen); blit(166 + ((4 - navX) * 150),125,themeRes[7],screen); SDL_Flip(screen); }
  3. anyone ?????????
  4. im trying to figure out the logic to use for my navigation for my application!   im trying to copy the look and feel of the ps3 xmb interface       Im just trying to do the X-Axis part of it now!   this is my concept for the x-axis navigation but it fails as of right now! http://pastebin.com/kXriyJgY
  5. it seems a little glitchy near the top after it repeats
  6. fixed it but it seems to lag in some spots   import flash.events.Event; stop(); function repeatBackground():void { if(gameBackground01.y >= 800) { gameBackground01.y = -800; } if(gameBackground02.y >= 800) { gameBackground02.y = -800; } gameBackground01.y += 4; gameBackground02.y += 4; } function gameLoop(e:Event):void { if(gamePause == 0) { repeatBackground(); } else { } } addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, gameLoop);     what if i wanted to add speed like setup a var speedVar:int = 2; i tryed this but it wont work     gameBackground01.y += speedVar * 4;    gameBackground02.y += speedVar * 4;
  7. im trying to get 2 movieclips to put there self above eachother when the other reachs the bottom of the stage but it does not meet line to line, the stage width is 480 and height 800 and it gets faster and faster import flash.events.Event; stop(); function repeatBackground():void { if(gameBackground01.y + gameBackgroundY > 799) { gameBackground01.y = -800; } if(gameBackground02.y + gameBackgroundY > 799) { gameBackground02.y = -800; } if(gameBackgroundY > 799) { gameBackgroundY = 0; } gameBackgroundY++; } function gameLoop(e:Event):void { if(gamePause == 0) { repeatBackground(); gameBackground01.y += gameBackgroundY; gameBackground02.y += gameBackgroundY; } else { } } gameBackground01.x = 0; gameBackground01.y = -800; gameBackground02.x = 0; gameBackground02.y = 0; addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, gameLoop);    
  8. i was not asking to help with sprite, i was just letting you know i might be making the project open source soon and thought you might have some interest in it! im working on the animation at the moment    here some of the maps so far :)   First map   route connecting to the next city   and the Ember City that the route connects to 
  9. Milcho i am looking for sprite artist and coders for my project since im looking to make it open source on github
  10. this is what i ended up coming up with that seem to work pretty good static void player_movement(void) { if(control_event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN) { switch(control_event.key.keysym.sym) { case SDLK_DOWN: if(btnPressed == 1) { if(player_pos == 2) { player_pos = 3; }else if(player_pos == 3){ player_pos = 1; }else{ player_pos = 2; } }else{ player_pos = 2; } move_y -= 1; break; case SDLK_UP: if(btnPressed == 1) { if(player_pos == 11) { player_pos = 12; }else if(player_pos == 12) { player_pos = 10; }else{ player_pos = 11; } }else{ player_pos = 11; } move_y += 1; break; case SDLK_RIGHT: if(btnPressed == 1) { if(player_pos == 8) { player_pos = 9; }else if(player_pos == 9) { player_pos = 7; }else{ player_pos = 8; } }else{ player_pos = 8; } move_x -= 1; break; case SDLK_LEFT: if(btnPressed == 1) { if(player_pos == 5) { player_pos = 6; }else if(player_pos == 6){ player_pos = 4; }else{ player_pos = 5; } }else{ player_pos = 5; } move_x += 1; break; default: break; } btnPressed = 1; }else{ btnPressed = 0; } }     only thing now is that the animations seem to fast
  11. i think the error is when i change the player_pos int
  12. Milcho if i dont do it the way it is, then the player has the freedom to move in more then one direction at once which i dont want
  13. i understand thade, i thought game design was right,  right now im low on funds and don't have any to put to this project, but when it finished i do plan on uploading the entire project plus tools and sources file to github to make it open source for everyone 
  14. im in the middle of making a game called (Dark Galaxy) and the story line based around a mage who ends  up on a unknown planet with no idea how he got there or why he there   example of current player   each player needs to be 32x32 entire size of the file is 96x128   it would be nice if there was one with white mage robe with the hood on and one without the hood i will give credits for the person who makes the sprite    NOTE : please provide the source file for which ever program you use to make the sprite and if you can a clear background would be best
  15. this is the best i got to   import json, string input_file = "input.json" json_data=open(input_file) output_file = "output.map" data = json.load(json_data) data_01 = data['layers'] map_name = data_01[0]['name'] map_width = data_01[0]['width'] * 32; map_height = data_01[0]['height'] * 32; map_data = data_01[0]['data'] print("Map Name : ", map_name) print("Map Width : ", map_width) print("Map Height : ", map_height) print("Map Output -") print(map_data) print("Converted Output") new_map_data = str(map_data) data = '' for i in new_map_data: if i == ' ': print("") elif i == '[': print("") elif i == ']': print("") else: data += i print("New Format") print(data) file = open(output_file, "w") file.write(map_name) file.write(',') file.write(str(map_width)) file.write(',') file.write(str(map_height)) file.write(',') file.write(data) file.close() json_data.close()   i would like to be able to drag a file on to it and output the filename,map in the same folder and i dont know if i need all the print() or not