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    Thanks for the feedback. Seems there are many ways to use Pseudocode and I understand it now.
  2. Robert James Saunders


    Pseudocode is writing steps in English? I'm kinda mixed up by some of this. I found an example that confuses me:   Pseudocode   Pseudocode to me would be just write simple steps in English. Like for example:   wake up, get a shower, get dressed, have something to eat, etc, etc.
  3. Robert James Saunders

    Where to go to learn 3D modeling...complete beginner

    Free!   Absolute Beginners Blender 3D tutorials   I watched some of his videos and recommend watching doing these tutorials before buying a book.   These tutorials will get you used to the interface and viewing in 3D space.
  4. Robert James Saunders

    Recommendations of A Langauge

    C++ has an advantage of programming for almost any system and saving memory but programming times can be a lot longer.   Python I have no idea as I've never used that style yet.   I would stick with HTML 5 and JAVA if its a small goal your looking for if you really enjoy making games then move up to C# and/or C++.   In the end its about the "style" and not the language you write it in.
  5. Robert James Saunders

    Starting a web presence...

    I would go with the wordpress page. You can also use Facebook or any other blogging web site.Most of them are registered with major search engines so people can find you. No need to really stress about it .
  6. Robert James Saunders

    C++ Books

    You will be into graphics next correct me if i'm wrong.   The 2nd book I have choose is "Starting out with games & Graphics in c++ (2nd Edition)" by Tony Gaddis.   Why I choosing this book is to review what I learned from "C++ through Game Programming" and go into graphics. It has a small section for videos etc. and answers to most of the questions online like a mini classroom. The First half of the book is same as "C++ through Game Programming" and 2nd half is programming with graphics. displaying graphics and alpha channels, x and o game, a flying bird that drops eggs into a basket, a 3rd person game that makes a toon walk around a map with tile programming and a space invaders type game.   The Library books sound interesting as well. But I'm going to wait to do graphics first.   Hope this helps!   ----Kinda a late post---   I forgot to add but after I finish "C++ through Game Programming" I'm going to try and make a mini text game using my old dungeons and dragons books for the rules 3 books that I do own are Player's hand book, Monster manual and Dungeon master guide. I'm sure there are many other types of paperback games out there and it would be interesting to make a small adventure.   I'm sure most of us would agree to apply the skills we learned to make a mini text based game.
  7. Robert James Saunders

    Game Name - need help

    prima facie
  8. Robert James Saunders

    Mario Gameplay Analysis Video

    Very enjoyable to watch. Keep up the good work!
  9. Robert James Saunders

    2D or 3D for my first RPG?

    I'm a 3D artist and it took me months to master the skills that I needed to model/texture/animate/light a scene/etc. I think what you should do is plan on making a 2D game and try 3D modeling just so you can see what it is about. Its a bit complex.   I don't think you would have time to complete the project in 3D :(.
  10. Robert James Saunders

    Any good java programming books for begginers?

    One book I do not recommend is Android Game Programming for Dummies. I tried to make the crazy 8 game and there was a lot of errors in the code and didn't have the know how to fix it. - It teaches you Java. For Java books I have yet to find a good one. Let me know if you do as I'm looking for a good C#/Java programming book.   Talking about C++ I have started this one and works for me is beginning C++ through game programming, third edition. If you choose C++ this is a good one to get!
  11. Robert James Saunders

    Learning By Doing vs Learning By Reading

    I'm currently 1/2 way through the book.   The way I do it is not to download the example files and type the code out by hand. Create your own and make some extra stuff up as you go along. I've been reading this book for maybe 4 days now and over 1/2 way and made a tone of my own little "games".   I tried to read it at first like yourself but you don't really learn unless you do it.   This works for me but not everyone.
  12. Robert James Saunders

    Beyond 4294967295

    Is there a way to make this number larger using the "int" besides "long int"   So lets say I want an unlimited number (which ill never use). More curious then anything.     #include <iostream> using namespace std;   int main() {     //integer wrap around     score = 4294967295;     cout << "score: " << score << endl;       ++score;     cout << "score: " << score << endl;       return 0; }   So instead of making this number wrap around keep going up and up?
  13. Robert James Saunders

    Is this game worth saving?

    Hey Nova,   4/5 star rating is a pretty good score on that site. I would keep going with it. Remember every project complete is another notch on the belt!
  14. To be complex is easy, to be simple is hard
  15. Robert James Saunders

    Creating a text-based game,

    Oler1s is correct. I don't beleave anyone really has time to.   I suggest the book "beginning C++ through Game Programming, Third Edition". It teaches you C++ through text based programming for video games. From rolling a dice, characters health and how to create bosses. Its is all displayed CMD Prop window and will give you a good boost after reading the book. If you can learn HTML in half an hour then you should be able to get the hang of this book with-in a week or 2.   You will need to get microsoft visual express c++ 2010.   Im still a beginner but my research points to that book.
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