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  1. SinisterPride

    Project: Alter Ego [{( _-~= Update =~-_ )}]

    Heh, Thank you.. Have we met else where?
  2. Hello once again my fellow gamers, designers and now developers     Alot has happened since I last posted :   - I started my company and it is well under way.   - Project Alter Ego is fully designed.   - Work on three other projects/designs/concepts are well under way. __________   I'll be building everything from scratch. You guys can look me up eventually... _____________   See you guys on the other side      ?§• ??§? SinisterPride a.k.a. Alfred Liriano  ?§• ??§?
  3. An update on the vote system. Specifically, I'd like to see who down/up votes my post/topics so I can respond accordingly. It'd help to know who agrees with you and who disagrees. It may start more fights but I feel you shouldn't be protected by the website. If you wanna talk smack, you should be held accountable. Basically, I just want there to be an option to vote anonymously or publicly.
  4. SinisterPride

    Official GameDev.net App

    So, the list of people I need has grown to 3? A designer (myself). I'm not required, but us designers tends to be good visionaries/team coordinators. Programmer (Sir Dan Mayor). And now: An admin with access to the "API" who is willing to help our project (any takers? Lol).. To add to the OP: Quote: So all in all I would say that Game Dev should explore the mobile app idea, but until they do perhaps you should look into correcting the issues that are preventing you from logging in. Game Dev persists log in credentials and sessions through cookies, if your mobile device is attempting to store a login session with a cookie it is entirely possible that the Game Dev server is actively refusing you at another location if your IP changes. (This is actually a good safety design that stops quite a bit of "session hijacking" hack attempts). This may be very difficult to work around on a mobile device and the simplest fix is log out before you move to a new location and while you are physically in motion stay logged out until you need to be logged in. At which point, stop moving, log in, do your thing, log out and get back in motion. Set Game Dev NOT to keep you logged in, and clear your internet cache / cookies regularly and it should get better for you. @Sir Dan Mayor: I realized the problem only happens with my chrome browser. Its still something to address during the debug phase though. @Michael: I have a list of issues to address in reference to mobile access. My phrasing/wording was poor, it its ONE of the main problems. Seems to be a simpler one which boils down to browser compatibility. Something Dan seems to be well prepared for :-)
  5. SinisterPride

    Official GameDev.net App

    One simple (enough) goal: To facilitate/streamline productivity while accessing GameDev.net through a mobile setting, for free.
  6. SinisterPride

    Project: Alter Ego - An introduction.

    I recently reread alot of my replies on this topic and realized something. I spent a whole lot of energy defending my perspectives and beliefs as a person. From now on I won't be answering anything that doesn't pertain to a topic/concept/design. Attack my work all you want and I'll defend it till the last inch. However, I won't defend my stand as a designer or person from here on out.
  7. It recently came to my attention that accessing the site from my phone was a pain in the ass. I'm on the go quite a bit and could definitely make use of streamlined access to the site seeing as the mobile version is quite faulty (mainly login issues). Would anyone be interested in developing one?I can design it myself entirely, would need a programmer though. I can work closely and efficiently. Already have a general idea/layout of what to do/work on.
  8. SinisterPride

    Project: Beat em up/hack and slash

    Thank you very much Sir WavyVirus    Your list of development layers will be something I'll refer back to often. I already had a similar plan as you can see from what I've written but it definitely helps.   Team should be joining the convo soon enough 
  9. SinisterPride

    Innovative RTS game concept!

    Hmm.. Have you ever tried any Mod work? Like alot of RTS come with a "World Editor". Your Idea sounds easy enough to prototype with a simple editor like the one offered in WarCraft 3.
  10. SinisterPride

    Project: Beat em up/hack and slash

    Items/Gear/Equipment   Enemies drop loot and equipment Equipment shows on character (armor and weapons [like in "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" with Alucard]) Weapon types associate with weapon skills Rare equipment which will be "high grind"/low drop rate   Everything here is pretty self explanitory. I guess as long as I can apply an inventory system and provide all the sprites/objects per item then I should be fine. I figured I'd have to deal with equipping mechanics (art and proper iventory management), increase collison range due to new weapon sprites on equip and proper translation in graphics for each attack (while wearing a weapon/armor). I should be fine, not as simple as saying it but I think me and my team are capable of doing all of the above.
  11. SinisterPride

    Project: Beat em up/hack and slash

    I've thought up some more things (pretty basic straight forward ideas in my mind) which all add quite a bit on my plate as the programmer. It should be a good learning expierience. I'm hoping my team makes an appearance some time soon to put in their two cents on the thoughts as well as introduce themselves/become a part of the community. ?§• ??§?     Skill Tree/Stat Development   Character Development: Skill and Spell Tree(s)/Stat Development Melee Skills (Shoryuken and the like)? Spells (hadouken and such) Weapon/Weapon type Skills (Sword skills, fist skills ect) Stats (str and int for now) ?§• ??§? Stats   Strength: increases physical damage, fatigue as well as health. Intelligence: increases magical damage as well as mana pool.   *Fatigue is used for skills and mana for spells. Both for hybrid spells.   ?§• ??§?   Skill Tree   All moves which cause physical damage will be considered skills. Weapon and armor types require passive skills to wear. Skills should be translatable between weapons (more work for Devrgr).   ?§• ??§?   Spell Tree All moves which cause magical damage will be considered spells. Spells should range from buffs to ranged attacks   Energy (Chi/Chakra), elements (earth, fire, air, water) and light/dark arts.   ?§• ??§?   Hybrid Skills? Both trees (physical and magical for each class) should have in between sections that links spells/skills together. Example flaming shoryuken = hadouken+shoryuken.    ?§• ??§? Weapon and Armor types   Each type of weapon (swords, daggers, spears, axes, staves/wands ect.) require a weapon skill to use. The same goes for the armor types (cloth, leather, heavy/plate). I figured further leveling said skills allows for better quality weapons to become available. Weapons and armor will have a stat requirement as well as a skill requirement but no level requirement (maybe a class requirement built directly into the skill system).   ?§• ??§?   Advancement system?   Was thinking something along the lines of things seen in some of the final fantasy games (FFX Tactics to name one). Also well displayed in the system applied by Ragnarok Online.   ?§• ??§?   I WILL be posting what each class is capable of eventually so hold your questions on what the next section "means" in reference to game play.   ?§• ??§?   Each job requires prior job experience? _____   Novice 5 = warrior or mage.   Warrior and Mage 10 = Ninja? (pseudo warrior/caster with all weapon skills available and most elemental spells/magic types?)   Novice 20 becomes ??? (ultra class)   ?§• ??§? Warrior 10 = barbarian or soldier. Barbarian becomes swordsman becomes Samurai . Soldier becomes Knight becomes paladin.   Warrior 15 becomes martial artist becomes monk (weapons master and chi specialist)   ?§• ??§? Mage 10 = priest or wizard Wizard becomes Sage becomes Druid (masters of earth and water)   Priest becomes Exorcist becomes Keeper (of balance).   Mage 15 becomes elementalist becomes an Avatar (of the elements)   ?§• ??§?   All of these thoughts do imply alot of scripting/programing so I don't expect to have anything unique/entirely functional for atleast a month or two. Especially due to my schedule being restrictive on how much time I can spend working on my own stuff/fun. I'll have a workable demo posted of basic mechanics ASAP.
  12. SinisterPride

    Project: Beat em up/hack and slash

    So far my understanding of what Frankie has envisioned with the combat is as follows and then some.   2D Arcade Fighter Controls Combos Skills/spells activate by input (hadouken) Light and heavy/low and high punchs and kicks   ?§• ??§?   Combos   Simple two to four hit combos to give the feel of arcade fightining.   ?§• ??§?   Skills/spells   "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" is the only thing I have to compare this sort of game/idea to from personal experience. I will refer to it quite often due to this. The way Alucard performs his spells is similar to what I was planning on implementing for skill and spell use.   Think street fighter with a mana and fatigue bar.   Mana for spells (hadouken) and fatigue bars for skills (shoryuken). Hybrid spells would use both resources.   ?§• ??§?   Input   A simple light/heavy punch and light/heavy kick mechanic should be enough to handle all 4 elements of spells. Fire/Air for the punch buttons (high elements) and water/earth for the kick buttons (low elements). They will be offset by directional inputs (semi circle, hit and such). The Dark and Light spells I can tie to an offset button such as the triggers or bumpers. This works out in the end when I hope to apply dark and light versions/variations of each spell. I'm not too sure how to place elemental-less energy attacks (spirit/chi/chakra attacks). No offset = energy attacks?    ?§• ??§?   This all poses alot of programing/scripting that I am honestly not familiar with but it will definitely all be possible. It has all been done before to some extent, just not together as we are trying in this instance (as far as I know).
  13. SinisterPride

    Design:Development Ratio - What's your orientation?

    Well, the video that I saw direcly correlated with his stand on design and artistic view within a project, in my opinion anyway.. I tend to be a fluid thinker and often over analyze things which leads to finding meaning in anything. Isn't always necessarily a good thing though o_O
  14. SinisterPride

    Design:Development Ratio - What's your orientation?

    @Thade: Thats the thing though, when his words are taken into consideration the videos make sense.
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