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  1. We insist on using the Unreal 3 engine for our game, as it provides the features we require. One does not need to use their hosting features and so games using the unreal 3 engine are not limited to fps. Still looking for an answer if anyone else has any knowledge on this matter.
  2. Hello, I would require some information about the importance of possesing the source code in the Unreal 3 engine. As you may know the commerical use of the unreal 3 engine requires the apropriate license. The two main licenses for commercial use are the standard license which is 99$ and 35% Royalties which does not provide the source code. The second license provides the source code and it's estimated price is somewhere between 500,000-1,000 000 USD. We are intending to develop a high quality MMORPG using the unreal 3 engine. While money is not a huge issue, we can afford the engine with the source code but we would not like to use a milion dollars for something that we may or may not need. While we do wish for the usage of the unreal 3 engine (For its high quality) is the source code acually needed for the production of a high quality MMORPG. Thank you for any information
  3.   Should have mentioned that we are developing a MMORPG. Sadly that is all I can currently reveal, but thank you for the information.
  4. Before I talk about anything further, let me explain some things. I've created serveral accounts on different sites asking for some advice linked to laws and paths to making a game company. I require some assistance in how to create a game company (In the UK), and how to copyright a game that is going to be developed. I have consulted with some lawyers but most are not familiar with the technicalities of making game oriented companies along with game copyright and trademarks. So I am asking for advice from people who have had experience in this field. Now before I get into questions here is something about what we are doing: First of all all the information on this account is fake and is subject to deletion at any time. Since the content which we have created is not copyright protected yet and it involves a project with a high budget (About 1 million USD) we would not like any information to be tracable back to us. This is not a joke of any sort, so please constructive responses only. 1. While being familiar with copyright laws in the UK, We would still apreciate any details and explanations of game related copyright issues which have apeared in the past, and in general how to copyright a game title and all of its contents. 2. How to setup a gaming company. What laws should we take into consideration, and what are the specific requierments and documentation to make a gaming company capable of publishing a big game title. Are there any problems that already existing gaming companies have encountered with their establishment and what were they.   3. While we already have a small core team working on the project, we are quite inexperienced with hiring people, besides the required programming skills and so on, what should we pay close attention to while hiring people. They will be needed to sign an NDA but is there any other neccesary paperwork we should look at.   We cannot disclose any other information but any help would be greatly apreciated. Once everything is completed we will most likely provide more information about what we are working on, untill then we think this information suffices. Thank you in advance