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  1.   Looking for feednack.   This is why I love gamedev!   Well whats in my head and not on paper (thats a bad practice I have) there will be more than 1000 coins coins and without fail i mean hitting a wall or having the monster catch you.   As for the monster its at the same pace as the player, turning slows the player down. You'll note in my powerup section I listed a power up that would in fact make the player faster and a powerup that would slow down the creature.   The concept is to survive and collect coins and advance to the next level.  
  2. I really enjoyed reading the first posts which were written almost 10 years ago and I can say 100% I've edited my story many times to come up with better ideas and I ask myself 100's questions so I'm not left with plot holes. Thank you guys!
  3. MiraMaze(tm) Is a concept I've sat with for almost 6 months now. I'm a huge fan of the mobile scene its drew me away from consoles and seeing the most popular gimmick which is endless running. Now I wanna build on that concept so I added a maze where players would have to navigate and collect 1000 coins without fail. All the coins are single file so its not hunting. On top of that you will have a monster chasing you.   To all my fellow designers this is for a mobile game so don't dwell on its simplicity.
  4. To the first post, you make really good points and I couldn't put it any better. At the end of the day all it is and ever will be is a video game. CoD as well as others don't pride themeselves on realism.   I however for my survival horror video game, have made this a challenge for players dealing with monsters and and enemy human AI, if she is shot one time anywhere besides the arm, its game over as for the arm, it must be tended to or a slow bleed out will cause random death.     I think it has a lot to do with what you play. I see it this way, you play CoD and want realism thats like jumping in a pool and expecting not to get wet.
  5. I like the name, but I honestly see nothing worthy passed $10 and that $1000 donation is crazy I'm offering much more for $50. keep us updated!
  6. I would constantly brainstorm, don't go for anything cool or flashy you know? If you're maing a racing game have the speed/MPH etc (sorry not a car person). If its a city buldier say like sims have the tools on the screen I would say the bottom going left to right. You could do it like Tony Hawk's park editor have each item in its own class.   ie Windows: you have cracked windows, windows with bullet holes, or a dusty window.     For my game, which is a 3rd person survival horror game.   I'm keeping it real so I might add like 1 or 2 things but for the most part it will be like resident evil 3 and earlier ones where there is no type of hud.
  7. Hi GD!   I am currently working on a demo: (not promoting or looking)   I have the current team   Designer Level Designer Animator Prop Artist Programmer   Do you think or believe or would suggest there is a role i need to add?   (sound design comes later)
  8. I read a lot of good posts in this section.   As someone who has industry experience, I'll offer what I can.    Doesn't matter, if you write the best code, draw the best monster, or can animate and rigg with your eyes closed. You're jumping into a vast world. If you truly want that job start at the bottom of list as a QA tester. I did it for about a year, wasn't my thing I made really cool gaming contacts at Activision and Infinity Ward. And I've gotten the same line. dozens of times "grab yourself a programmer and artist" if QA doesn't interest you, I highly suggest you find indie work and work on a bunch of indie games, not at once. You may get the next angry birds, and publishers love that.   rule to the wise   Its not what you know, its who you know
  9. I'm working a small demo right now, and its set in the arctic. Now we have it so the player moves slowly as if shes being pushed back a big fan, which is what I want. My question is how do I add the effects I want falling snow, and strong winds
  10. its not that. the gaming industry needs to wake up.   Unless you enjoy playing CoD every year.   I'll have demo soon for game dev
  11. Im not shelving my story or starting anything over.   First off I asked about 5 women about the rape scene. They're all for it as long as she comes out on top and is standing a hero.   Video Games are plagued with follow ups, remakes prequels you're all afraid of something new for the industry. thats what I think. the story was there for staple support so when my team asks whats next I can tell them.   You make a rape scene which wont even show anything. In fact im making as west starts to touch her she blacks out and wakes up and see's John.   again this is a video game......   You should watch this video and tell me again I'm crossing the line:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhslvePOPbE   Game Design documents and stories change all the time, I was showing what I have so far :)     Dead Space 3 just got slammed by reviewers for not being Survival horror.   I will personally save the genre
  12. I'll try to find a way around it. I'll probably go to just frisking her, better?
  13. I uploaded the story. Not saying I disagree with any of your views as they are all very helpful. But you seem to think I don't have a reason for why that is in the game.   So i uploaded the story in the first post....
  14. yeah i started working on the engine with a programmer and and a level designer as well as an artist.
  15. Ill be working on that. I'll ask myself ecer question I can and answer it. Again thank you.