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  1. I've been out of the loop for a while and just noticed that term. I tried looking it up on google, but the closest answer was a gamedev topic with a similar title as mine. I read it, but didn't get a full explanation. Is it a method of swapping/replacing data in GPU memory with texture data in CPU memory?
  2. Hawkblood

    Dealing with my messy code

    TDD..... I've been doing that the whole time without knowing it was a thing. BDD sounds more like using scripting to finish development after you have proven your code using TDD....?
  3. Hawkblood

    Dealing with my messy code

    Compartmentalize. I "try" to write small independent structures and place them in individual files. These do specific jobs and have no direct communication with others. This ends up with some redundant code (trade-off). I have a controlling structure that ties all the others together and passes any required data between. This way I always have a single structure to look at when I need to make changes. And for the most part any changes of a structure have no effect on any other (except the controller). This is how I make my insane thoughts seem sane.....
  4. Just as the title implies, when I make a small change such as "x=4;" now to read "x=5;" the compiler doesn't build that part of the code and leaves me with the old value. It correctly compiles when I select "rebuild solution".... How do I fix this?
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