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  1. FishingCactus

    Release Date Announcement

    Thank you for telling me. And thank you for the compliment Thank you for telling me. And thank you for the compliment
  2. FishingCactus

    Release Date Announcement

    I never encounter any problem with showing a video on my blog entries and this time it doesn't work. Can somebody explain to me what I've done wrong? Thank you! I never encounter any problem with showing a video on my blog entries and this time it doesn't work. Can somebody explain to me what I've done wrong? Thank you!
  3. FishingCactus

    Release Date Announcement

    Hi gamedevs, We are happy to announce the release of Nanotale in early access on the 23rd of October 2019. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IohCH2aCx8 Wishlist the game on Steam Why in Early Access? The initial plan was to release the full game in September 2019 but then, we noticed that if we really wanted to release the game we dreamed of along with our community, it would take a little bit more time. So, we decided to polish the first 35% of the game and put it in your hands to make sure that we are on the right track while finishing Nanotale. We give more info about the early access and its content in the following video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2kd_ams2fo&t=4s The more feedback we get, the better our game will be at release. So, thank you in advance for your support! Have a wonderful week. -VirginRedemption
  4. FishingCactus

    Nanotale - Typing Chronicles

    "Hark, stranger. Be still a moment. Listen to the sounds… Do you hear them, far off in the deep?" Since time immemorial the Archivists have studied and cataloged the mysteries of the planet, observing its changes and holding to our vow of neutrality. Yet from the Ancestral Forest to the Blue Desert, the world is suffering. The Tree of Life sings the Final Song and we can feel it in our flesh: the world is dying. We bear witness, but we cannot interfere. We contemplate in silence. Nanotale - Typing Chronicles is an atmospheric typing adventure RPG set in a colorful vibrant world. Follow Rosalind, a novice Archivist, as she journeys out into a valley to collect plant and rock samples for further analysis. The valley is peaceful. War is a thing of the distant past. Nothing can go wrong with such a casual task... can it? Wishlist the game on Steam
  5. FishingCactus

    Weekly Recap #special: Back from Gamescom

    Hello Fox Riders, We're back from Gamescom! Gamescom was pure madness. It was exhausting, but we regret nothing! We had the opportunity to make people play the demo of Nanotale. Some of them were returning Fox Riders from Epistory, while other didn't know about our games but both loved it. It was so rewarding. We took the picture above with the wonderful people from Onanagro Studio who helped us a lot on the booth and borrowed us their holographic display to showcase some art from Nanotale. Below, a hologram of the Green Jasper. At some moment the booth was so crowded that it was hard to manage who's the next player, so one of our Game Designer decided to create a path to follow on the floor and it did work. Closed BETA Before finishing that update, I'd like to give you some quick news about the Closed BETA. We are currently finishing a few stuff to make sure that the part of the game that we want you to test is working well. So, you should expect the Closed BETA to start around mid-September. That's it for today's recap! Thank you for reading and for your patience. Cheers, -VirginRedemption
  6. Hi Guys, Last week we mainly worked on being ready for Gamescom 2019, and we also continue to produce new concepts and elements of the lore. New Elements and Concepts Talking about new stuff, here's the "Shield" enemy. We needed an enemy with low speed and immuned to basic spell, but that can still be knockback. Here are the researches done to find the right look of that new enemy. Game design-wise, we felt like the snail-like enemy was the best pick for that "Shield" enemy we needed in Nanotale. This is another concept art showing you the village in the Sunken Caves from a different perspective. And here's how it looks like in the game. The prologue in Nanotale is a specific part of the forest where you learn how to move and interact with the environment. It's also where the story begins. We needed that part to be different from the core of the Ancestral Forest. Here are the new pine trees created for the prologue. Game Evolution Something I like to do is to take screenshots of the same place each time we take a big step in development. Here's the evolution of a specific scene from the level design "blockout" version to the decorated one (without lighting yet). Game dev fact When something is placeholder you'll have to tell it 10 000 times until your team stops asking you if it's the definitive asset. Apparently here, the artist who placed that rock wanted to avoid questions 🤣 Here's the concept art of the element that will replace the placeholder asset above. That rock tells you a story from Nanotale's lore. Don't forget to join our discord channel to chat with us! Thank you for reading.
  7. FishingCactus

    Weekly Recap #32: Polishing a bit

    First of all, we'd like to thank you for applying to Nanotale's BETA. We can't wait for it to begin. Last week, we mostly focused on polishing some animations and part of the game. We even added a close-up when analyzing an element from the lore in Nanotale. Here, Rose is writing about the Green Jasper. Quentin designed some platforms/bridges that can be activated by magic to solve puzzles in Nanotale. Talking about puzzles, this is the last update about sheep or you will start to think that it's a game about sheep Sheep change color when eating specific flowers. And this is how it works. That's it for today. Have a great day!
  8. FishingCactus

    BETA Testing and Weekly Recap #30 & 31

    Hi Indies, BETA testing is coming! Apply for a chance to join the closed BETA of Nanotale by answering the following form. APPLY HERE[docs.google.com] Once we are ready, we'll create groups of players for testing and notify them by email. Weekly Recaps Last week we introduced you a member of the team: Quentin, our 2D/3D Artist. Feel like that polishing step on the Ancestral Forest is taking ages! Here's a video of Quentin painting the sheep in ZBrush 🐏 If you are curious about Quentin's work, you can have a look at his ArtStation[www.artstation.com]. Here are the sheep running away from me after I burnt half of the Ancestral Forest in the game. Fair enough. The sheep are not just there to populate the plain. These fluffy creatures are part of a puzzle designed by our Level Designer, Fabrice (FabCactus on Discord). So, last week we mainly focus on making sure that everything works fine for the puzzle idea he has. Our three kind of sheep are now fully finished 😍 baa 🐏 🐑 🐏 In that mysterious puzzle, we use flowers to attract sheep. The gif below shows you something more technical. It's how we easily change the Houdini digital asset of the flowers in Unity3D. Here's another gif showing you how we can create and modify another Houdini digital asset in Unity3D. That's a lot of fun and time-saving. That's all for today. Thank you for reading. Cheers, -VirginRedemption
  9. FishingCactus

    New Gameplay Video

    Thank you very much for the kind critic. We started at 4 and now we are 10 motivated people working hard on this project. It's really hard because Nanotale is the spiritual successor of our previous game, Epistory, and players have huge expectations about it. Thanks again! Thank you very much for the kind critic. We started at 4 and now we are 10 motivated people working hard on this project. It's really hard because Nanotale is the spiritual successor of our previous game, Epistory, and players have huge expectations about it. Thanks again! Thank you so much for the support
  10. FishingCactus

    New Gameplay Video

    I am so happy to share with you the new teaser video of Nanotale. We really hope that you will like it. Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts about it below! Thank you and have a wonderful day! -VirginRedemption
  11. FishingCactus

    Weekly Recap #27: Troglodyte House and video!

    Hi guys, Sorry for the waiting. I was on a long weekend :3 Last week, we started to work on other things than rocks for the second biome in Nanotale. That little house is the first step to create a troglodyte village. And here's a new concept art showing you some elements from the Sunken Caves' lore. I kind of love that concept more than the others because it's the first time that our concept artist uses the watercolor effect that we have in 3D on a 2D concept. The following concept shows you some new props that we needed for a special puzzle area located in the Ancestral Forest. Won't tell you more about the puzzle excepted that the area is full of sheep :epiwink: Let's finish that update with a nice accelerated video showing you our 2D artist texturing a Static Enemy. Thank you for reading! Have a great week.
  12. FishingCactus

    Weekly Recap #26: The Sunken Caves in 3D

    Hi Fox Riders, I hope that you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did. Before our long weekend, we started some modeling for our second biome And because it's called the Sunken Caves it will ofc start with rocks! There are multiple entrances to the Sunken Caves but the main one is located North from the Ancestral Forest, passed the meadow. We are currently working on its look. Concepts While modeling rocks, we are also in quest of the good colors for the Sunken Caves. We think we found an interesting color scheme for the dwellers of the Sunken Caves. What do you think? Texturing We finished a few textures. Here are the people from the Ancestral Forest. Video coming soon! T-shirts Giveaway The game being in dev, we can't give you keys of Nanotale. So, to support #loveindies we decided to giveaway t-shirts of the game! Comment with an #indiegame you love for a chance to win! 😍 Find the contest on Twitter Find the contest on Facebook[www.facebook.com] BONUS These inquisitive little creatures follow you around, no matter where you go. Not even distressed by the attacks of the blue predators on these lands. Though no one ever saw one attack a Green Jasper particularly. Visit the link below to have a closer look at the 3D model of the Green Jasper. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/green-jasper-5ba42f678ecd4c878dc712d783fc644f Thank you for reading. Cheers, VirginRedemption
  13. FishingCactus

    Weekly Recap #25: Dwellers from the Sunken Caves

    Hi Fox Riders, A new week always begins with a short recap. Last week we worked mostly on the new biome, the Sunken Caves. Our 2D artist created a few concepts of the biome but also of the dwellers. Some asked for a link to her artstation, so here it is: Enjoy[www.artstation.com] "The Dwellers from the Sunken Caves are mining too much, they are devouring their own world." The Sunken Caves The following concept art show you some elements from the second biome. Some are part of the Lore but others are purely decorative. Here are some early ideas for the dwellers. They are mostly miners and fishermen. Name that plant Thanks to all your suggestions, we found the perfect name for that plant. Stream on Twitch We started a streaming routine in English but also in French, with the willing to show you more of the game but also how we create it. SCHEDULE Français - Mercredi 11h30 (11:00 am CEST English - Wednesday 11 am EDT (5 pm CEST) Follow us on Twitch[www.twitch.tv] to not miss them. You can also watch our previous streaming sessions here[www.twitch.tv]. NEWSLETTER Some Fox Riders told us that they were missing a lot of our news on Steam due to the huge amount of games they are following. So, I'd like to remind you that we also have a newsletter. You get it less often than a weekly recap (more like 1 every month or two months), but at least it's harder to miss. So, if interested, here's the link to subscribe[confirmsubscription.com]. BONUS Here's another post showing you how we create our objects from 2D to watercolor 3D. Maybe we should create a video next time we work on the textures? And to finish, this won't be in the game but, I wanted to show you what happens when you say to your Game Designer that the fog is not juicy enough! Use your words with caution. Thank you for reading! Cheers, VirginRedemption
  14. FishingCactus

    The Sunken Caves: New biome revealed!

    Thank you! We are working hard on it! These are concepts for POI so it's shiny and all. The real challenge will be to have a cave that doesn't look boring.
  15. FishingCactus

    The Sunken Caves: New biome revealed!

    It's time to introduce you the second biome from Nanotale: The Sunken Caves. "Poison is spreading from the edges of the Sunken Caves, but the town feels safe and nurturing." Last week our concept artist, Amandine, worked on the Sunken Caves; trying to find the right mood/ambiance for this new biome.
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