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  1. TheScriptan

    How to start 3D game programming

    My tutorials and learning approach may be not exactly correct as I started out from Game Maker and Unity where I learned general theory how game functions behind the scene and then going deeper into engines like making your own and creating your own 3D world can be much easier, especially with Java
  2. TheScriptan

    How to start 3D game programming

    I am a beginner myself and I can relate to you to the speed of tutorials. What I am doing right now is skipping LWJGL and learning to use Pure java. I made a blog about this actually if you are interested... Basically what I am doing is learning from scratch. Just using native Java libraries to build something, there are great tutorials by other people and I plan to watch them all since... they are free and educational. I started with Ryan van Zeben tutorial, it was quite messy but now I finished CodeNMore tutorial about Java, he explained everything so fluently. My current goal is to play around with the engine I build after CodeNMore and then move onto TheChernoProject where he explains same things even more in depth and teaches more ways how to write an optimized code.
  3. TheScriptan

    How to start 3D game programming

    Since you have experience with OOP (Java & C#) you could go along with Java using https://www.lwjgl.org/ library which uses OpenGL. There are some very good tutorials on YouTube how to start 3D programming with it however, you need to be prepared for quite some math, Making renderers, controlling camera, viewport, offsets et cetera is not that easy if you don't have experience with 2D math. If that does not scare you, you could start following ThinMatrix tutorial:
  4. Damn. It's been a while since I've been where, this is where my whole history started with Twitch which later developed into a gaming livestream where I made 1 Year Challenge for StarCraft which was successful but I cancelled my 2 Year Challenge to learn programming. Thankfully I came back to my passion to programming and now I am in Denmark studying it for 3.5 years as a bachelor degree. Program is called ICT (Information and Communication Technology Engineering) but it will be renamed soon to Software Engineering. Hopefully I will be more active in gamedev.net community as it is one inspiring place to be at.

  5. TheScriptan

    Project "Learning Programming In 2 Years"

    Hello everyone! I am really sorry that I abandoned this project, I don't know what was I thinking, the beggining was so succefull! Anyways I am going to revive this project! At this moment I am learning Lua/Love2D, so far I am doing pretty good, well I started only three days ago, but still I have a lot of fun! If you want to come and help me out a little bit, not only with the code, but with the game designing and ideas, so come here! http://www.twitch.tv/thescriptan
  6. Sorry, for no news, got really busy...
  7. No stream today, sorry, because I have a lot of stuff to do...
  8. Timelapse is published, watch it here: http://t.co/AwRXbtze4B
  9. Learning Programming In 2 Years Day 3: http://t.co/8KM9uWS72u
  10. TheScriptan

    Project "Learning Programming In 2 Years"

        You are still young   This is the closest I've been to feeling old, ever. I wanted to say younger, but it's not a problem :) Hey join my livestream and follow my progress up my way to programming once more! :) http://www.twitch.tv/thescriptan
  11. Learning Programming In 2 Years Day 3: http://t.co/lYT1rrUDbf
  12. TheScriptan

    Project "Learning Programming In 2 Years"

    Stream is live: www.twitch.tv/thescriptan
  13. Started cleaning my room
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