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  1. Game Programming: Snake

    I downloaded the from the link and only see the include folder but no lib or bin folders. 
  2. What should I do?

    A backend physics programmer definitely sounds like what I'd want work in as this has a large effect on game mechanics. I'm almost taking an AI class and we're about to cover Machine learning so maybe if that's interesting I may experiment with that.   What kind of projects could I do with a backend physics programmer as a goal though? I imagine I'd also have to create games from scratch to test out the physics I make so where would I start in getting experience with this?
  3. I am a junior in college, acing every Computer Science course but I'm not sure what I should focus on for the kind of Game Programming I want to do. I'd like to create games with fighting, adventure rpg with fighters, mage casters etc and I'd like to be able to program things like how high a character jumps, how far a characters weapon reaches, and those kind of game mechanics. I do not want to figure out how to do rendering.   Is this considered game engine programming or something higher level (not so backend)?   Help is greatly appreciated so I know which direction to add for my future, thanks!
  4. Language to use for horror game 'Mad Father'

      This is exactly why I want to code this project in C or C++, and I am already familiar with C and I think C++ should be simple to pick up (just syntax differences I'm sure). With that established, should I use C or C++? and where can I find tutorials to make a game like 'Mad Father' from scratch?    P.S. The reason I want to make it from scratch is because this will provide a greater learning experience than using something that already has thousands of libraries built into it and does all the work for you. I would rather use C or C++ because memory management and speed can be improved based on how well you code than if you use Java and I want to think of this project as training to build good habits like ways to make the game run faster, with less lag, etc.
  5. Hello everybody,   Would you know what programming language I should use if I wanted to recreate the horror game 'Mad Father' from scratch? I am a beginner at game development but have been programming in C and Java for 3 years and have taken courses on the lots of CS ideas but none that were video game related. :-( I've always wanted to program games and thought I'd start with something like 'Mad Father' first because I liked practically everything about it. I see that most recommend C++ on the For Beginners forum for programming games but I think I could pick this up fairly quickly.   I'd like to know what programming language I should use for this kind of game (more generally would be an rpg game that looks like it should be played on the gameboy (possibly incorporating fighting when I get better)) and why. Any advice on what I should watch out for as I start developing would be great as well.   Thanks, Newb