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  1. Critique my 2D assets

    The sky and ground are temporary placeholders.
  2. Critique my 2D assets

    I'm not sure what sort of art style I'm going for. It's just sort of my own style, mixed in with a lot of what you see in terms of super illustrative 2D games, like Dofus, Gaia Online (minus the Chibi Super D), anything by Klei, Konjak, Paul Robertson stuff...
  3. Critique my 2D assets

    Thanks Prinz Ashaman73. I like your idea of top heavy building design. I'll give it a shot and repost when I find the time. And yes, the shading looks better, though I've always been partial to top left light sources for some reason.
  4. Critique my 2D assets

    Got it. Thanks sunandshadow.
  5. Critique my 2D assets

    These are all set pieces, so no interactivity unless you count talking with the patrons. Good point on the gradients. Hard shadows take longer, but... they look a lot better I guess.
  6. Critique my 2D assets

    When you say tweaking, do you mean more saturation?
  7. Critique my 2D assets

    Not sure if this is the right place, but would anyone mind putting a critical eye to some concept 2D art for my game? I'm not here for flattery. Let me know if you spot anything out of place. I'm trying to work out any kinks before I lock in a particular style for the rest of the game.
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