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  1. Hello everyone,   I am a design student with little to no programming skills (as of now, I am taking classes and learning as much as I can from you guys and the rest of the web) that is trying to figure out which would be the best engine for this kind of game:   Basically, a Zelda kind of game, top perspective, combat with short and long-ranged weapons, changing equipment would not be necessary, but as combat progresses you get experience to upgrade your one sword and your one bow, as well as your defense, attack, speed, etc.   The ability to choose which "world" to tackle first like in megaman, as well as the ability to trigger "events" in certain rooms that would start a puzzle minigame, which are already coded and made, I just need the ability to stop the game in a certain moment, go to the minigame, and after it being done go back to the normal game.   I have currently the following options:   RPGmaker VX ACE Construct 2 GameMaker   and Engine 001   the last one got my attention because the "trailer" of the engine featured a game very similar to what I intend to make, then again, the other ones seem to have more resources, tutorials, etc.   Graphics are not an issue, programming is.   Thank you in advance!