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  1. Thanks all. It's neat to see I"m not the only one with this problem and I like everyone's approaches to it. Thing I was a bit afraid though was to waste time on something specific to the project then let it go to waste, but it seems like a common thing in order to make progress. 
  2. Hi everyone. I have been reading tons of posts on this site for a while and I've been learning a lot from the site and people’s experiences. There are a lot of good do's and don'ts and I want to say thank you. So I figured I would like some feedback or tips on a problem I know I have.   The problem I have is…Always having the hardest time on where to start a big project; mainly when I try to tackle one of my video game projects. There are so many approaches and I over analyze each approach and it prevents me from starting or I just start all over. Once I get going though, there is no stopping me.    I do/did make flowcharts, lots of documentation, and a lot of other parts that are on paper. Now I just need to make it real.  I feel though if I don’t start in the right spot the rest of project is junk.   What the best way to overcome this bad habit?   If needed I can explain what my game is but I’d figure that every project will have its own specific starting point somewhere.
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