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  1. As you've pointed out the problem with sending the inputs to the server is they take time for the server to process and return the result. What you can do is send the key press to the server and then stimulate the key press immediately on the client. Then the server predicts the movement and possible future position of where it expects the player to be and sends the info back to the client which can use this data along with its current position data to work out its location. I know you said for simplicity to keep it TCP but if packets are supposed to be sent often then id recommend using a UDP socket instead as TCP sends a message to the server which processes it then sends a confirmation message its been received. UDP just sends the message without waiting around for that confirmation back making it much quicker Hope that helps with your problem
  2. bb_buster

    Clipping Error

    This might be a bit of an obvious one but best to eliminate the simple factors first. Are the images in your sprite sheet aligned properly. As the image may be starting off the top of your sprites drawing box.    Or is your drawing rectangle of your sprite being set in a slightly offset position.   These are assuming you're using a single sprite sheet and are only drawing a specific area of the sprite sheet using a rectangle. Though without knowing how you're drawing your sprite exactly or the image you're drawing from makes it a little more difficult.    
  3. bb_buster

    Alpha mapping with a .DDS, DX11

    The blend state for the source alpha is set to 1 whilst the destination alpha is 0 and they're being added together to make 1. I'd suggest trying the source alpha to be set as D3D11_BLEND_SRC_ALPHA The colours may need to be checked too. I'd suggest maybe try changing the SrcBlend to D3D11_BLEND_SRC_COLOR and DestBlend to D3D11_BLEND_ZERO Hope it helps
  4. bb_buster

    Legal Questions....

    As far as I'm aware openGL has no license requirements. As for openAL I couldn't see anything on a cursory glance at its website. However the devil library is licensed under the L-GPL. So that depends on how you're using the library. If you dynamically link to it as a DLL then you can just provide the end user with a link to the source code of that library. However if you statically link the library into the application then it all becomes a derivative work as defined in the L-GPL and becomes subject to it. Meaning the source code to the whole application must be made available and distributable under the L-GPL or GPL
  5. Have you tried looking at lidgren? It is an open library originally designed to work for xna (I think.) But is usable with any c# program It can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/lidgren-network-gen3/ Hope it's useful
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