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  1. Have some questions for making a turnbased RPG

    Bah haha. It is going to take awhile for me to understand this better
  2. Have some questions for making a turnbased RPG

    Hmm what are the advantages from having a set camera in towns and stuff, but a free camera on the world map? Would that make it easier to make a 3d game? What defines a 2d or 3d game has been confusing me lately with so many different views from other people.
  3. Have some questions for making a turnbased RPG

    Thanks. Helping a lot.
  4. Sorry if in wrong board. Will try to make it quick and understandable.   Helping someone (artist) get started on an rpg game they want to make. They want to hire 1-3 programmers (they prefer 1 -_-) to make the game once everything is designed and fleshed out (creating as much as possible on paper first, even the math and battle calculations.) Since I am trying to make sure they succeed, I would like help understanding the situation better. Mostly the limitations with using that few of programmers.   Graphics wise, what should we be aiming for that is possible? Some examples of existing games would be great :) They want 3d, which I'm not sure will work. But, I don't really know anything about tricks and stuff. Also, in terms of difficulty in programming for, how do the different sub genres of rpg's generally rate?   Sorry for being sort of an outsider in this environment. Even though I am not the project lead, I was brought in as the designer and writer so I would like to start understanding each part of the development stage.