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    Localization ?

    hi guys, I posted here since I can't seem to find any sub forum that fits with my topic. Has anyone has links/resources that I can read regarding localization? I'm thinking about localizing my game into several non english language mainly china, japan and korea. Was wondering about how much it will cost and who to choose. Googling on the net, it seems there's a wide variety of translation agency with different range of rates as well. Makes me wonder about the standard of the cost vs quality.   Any member of GDnet here is a professional translator?   thanks
  2. Hi guys, We're trying to bring a good fighting/beat'em up game for your enjoyment and I'll  just let this video explains it :   Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower [media='1280x720']http:[/media]     Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower is a 2D side scrolling beat'em up game that emulates the classic yet tries to bring new take in the genre for mobile device.   I've been working hard trying to make the controls really easy and accessible unlike that virtual d-pad that I hate so much in action game. The video above is truly a gameplay capture from me playing the game, I hope it can show you how easy it is to familiar yourself with the control and play the game.   The game will feature : - Smooth 60 fps animations - Create your own fighting combos - Customizable characters - As you might see in the video: action packed figthing + epic boss fights!   The game is scheduled to be released at the end of June 2013 or early July, whichever I get to meet first I'm still setting up a proper website for the game and all of that and more infos will roll out in the following days.   In the meantime you can visit these (before the game's page is up and running) : Kung Fu Quest: The Jade Tower FB page   or follow me on twitter @iplayalldaygame   Thoughts and Feedbacks are always welcomed   Thanks
  3. Congrats on the release! I noticed you mentioned about Novy PR, I was wondering if using their service (or from any other) worth it for indie developers?
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