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  1. Just put my comment on the page.
  2. Wrote this for a long-term mod of Amnesia. If the general consensus is that it's not the best, rest assured, I had written it many months ago, anyway, back when I wasn't quite as good at producing.
  3. Your sound design isn't that bad at all. For "YT Promo Ideas", I think the strings sound a little MIDI'ish. Other than that, the only gripe I have in general is the volume; maybe use a little bit more compression/limiting next time?
  4. Yeah, I thought this was rather convincing brass for something other than Cinebrass. XD Good job!
  5. Pretty good job! I like the subtle choir.
  6. Honestly, I think the brass is a little too loud relative to the other instruments, especially in the first part. It's a good composition, though. Nice job!
  7. Alright. I appreciate the critique.
  8. First of all, sorry for my very long absence. Unfortunately, my academics caught up with me, so I'm currently needing to work my butt off to improve my grades. That being said, I have still had no luck getting a game music position, so I'm just going to use this thread to share my music. We start with a demo I had sent to the developers of a project called Lacuna Passage. http://soundcloud.com/sgtyayap404/lacuna-passage-demo-with-piano Constructive criticism would be deeply appreciated for next time.
  9. Nice idea to sell the soundtrack with the Kickstarter campaign! I'll consider buying it if I can afford to help out, myself.
  10. Sorry for my absence; been caught up with a lot of depressing things, lately....   I'd have to agree with the idea of the vocals for the main theme; they seem awfully subtle for being there. Nice job, though!
  11. I have had one for quite a while.... XD   http://soundcloud.com/sgtyayap404
  12.   You're talking as if Facebook is the only web-based community that exists. Those are my final thoughts on this subject; leaving this thread before it gets too out of control....
  13.   This is borderline-breakbeat to me. Which is a good thing: much of the other dance music involves overusing the same "4x" rhythm. I also like how you're not trying to overdo compression like most other modern dance artists....
  14.   This is what I was trying to get at with my post: how corrupt Facebook is....
  15. I didn't get such a notice. Still, Facebook had the lawsuit coming, what with its Terms of Service....