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  1. PythonBlue

    Music by Python Blue

    First of all, sorry for my very long absence. Unfortunately, my academics caught up with me, so I'm currently needing to work my butt off to improve my grades. That being said, I have still had no luck getting a game music position, so I'm just going to use this thread to share my music. We start with a demo I had sent to the developers of a project called Lacuna Passage. http://soundcloud.com/sgtyayap404/lacuna-passage-demo-with-piano Constructive criticism would be deeply appreciated for next time.
  2. PythonBlue

    New Dubstep/Electronic Track

    Just put my comment on the page.
  3. PythonBlue

    Music by Python Blue

    Wrote this for a long-term mod of Amnesia. If the general consensus is that it's not the best, rest assured, I had written it many months ago, anyway, back when I wasn't quite as good at producing.
  4. PythonBlue

    Critique my tracks

    Your sound design isn't that bad at all. For "YT Promo Ideas", I think the strings sound a little MIDI'ish. Other than that, the only gripe I have in general is the volume; maybe use a little bit more compression/limiting next time?
  5. PythonBlue

    Revolutionary Army Music

    Yeah, I thought this was rather convincing brass for something other than Cinebrass. XD Good job!
  6. PythonBlue

    Faerie Waltz - Tavern/Town Fantasy Music

    Pretty good job! I like the subtle choir.
  7. Honestly, I think the brass is a little too loud relative to the other instruments, especially in the first part. It's a good composition, though. Nice job!
  8. PythonBlue

    Music by Python Blue

    Alright. I appreciate the critique.
  9. PythonBlue

    Crit My Soundtrack In Progress

    Nice idea to sell the soundtrack with the Kickstarter campaign! I'll consider buying it if I can afford to help out, myself.
  10. PythonBlue

    Crit My Soundtrack In Progress

    Sorry for my absence; been caught up with a lot of depressing things, lately....   I'd have to agree with the idea of the vocals for the main theme; they seem awfully subtle for being there. Nice job, though!
  11. PythonBlue

    Got Soundcloud?

    I have had one for quite a while.... XD   http://soundcloud.com/sgtyayap404
  12.   You're talking as if Facebook is the only web-based community that exists. Those are my final thoughts on this subject; leaving this thread before it gets too out of control....
  13. PythonBlue

    "Just Stomp" a new dance song by me...

      This is borderline-breakbeat to me. Which is a good thing: much of the other dance music involves overusing the same "4x" rhythm. I also like how you're not trying to overdo compression like most other modern dance artists....
  14.   This is what I was trying to get at with my post: how corrupt Facebook is....
  15. I didn't get such a notice. Still, Facebook had the lawsuit coming, what with its Terms of Service....
  16. PythonBlue

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Congrats! XD Yeah, personally, the only thing I don't like about EWQLSO is the fact that it runs on its own sample playing engine, now, with not many features to offer other than reverb, unlike its old sample player (Kontakt), so essentially, it's virtually impossible to resort to sound design without use of external plugins. Not that that matters if you want a strictly-orchestral sound, but still....
  17. PythonBlue

    Attending GDC

    You and me both, combined with being a student at the moment, in my case. Besides, I'm proving to be more interested in what Schmidt is in charge of: GameSoundCon, since it's meant to emphasize the music and other audio in games.
  18. Given up on finding paid projects for the time being...
  19. PythonBlue

    Music Costs

    I sense that most composers do keep their rates private, and you do raise a valid point about being undercut if it's made public. On the other hand, however, speaking as someone desperate for a paid position, I know that many indie composers charge quite a lot, so how are game developers supposed to find someone they know is affordable? Also, the rates are so private that honestly, I don't know if one reason I'm not being considered for paid work is because I made my rate too low or not.
  20. PythonBlue

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

      My thoughts exactly, especially since the VSL libraries ARE extremely expensive.
  21. PythonBlue

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    Thinking of upgrading to EWQLSO? :) I'll come in and say your best bang for your buck would be Gold Edition. I don't understand why there's two different versions of Platinum, personally; most won't notice the difference, especially since most tracks and songs are still 16-bit; plus, since the PLAY conversion, you can buy the additional mic positions for Gold.
  22. PythonBlue

    Global Game Jam 2013

    ......there was a contest?   Either way, it's a good suite. Not a fan of the sound of some of the overtones of the bowed-psaltry-like instrument spoken about before, but otherwise, it's very much worth listening to!
  23. Yeah, I had the same problem on my iPad, but not on my iPhone for some reason. Nice to see it was since fixed, though.
  24. PythonBlue

    My new 3D game

    It appears I cannot play it for myself due to being a Mac user. However, the UI looks very good!
  25. PythonBlue

    "You're Not Alone" Cover

    This is pretty good.   Personally, I feel it sounds a little dry. Then again, the Final Fantasy games were known for having obvious orchestral mockups, like Tomb Raider.
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