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  1. I can't seem to figure out why this isn't working(Lua/Love2D)

    GAH I feel so stuid. Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think of that >.<
  2. explosion= {} explosion[1] = love.graphics.newImage("images/boom1.png") --images are in their proper directories. explosion[2] = love.graphics.newImage("images/boom2.png") explosion[3] = love.graphics.newImage("images/boom3.png") explosion[4] = love.graphics.newImage("images/boom4.png") animtimer = 0 eximg = explosion[1] --I've tried removing this anum = 1 --dictates which image is used function explode(dt) --This is just supposed to make the explosion images cycle through animtimer = animtimer+dt eximg = eximg[anum] --I've tried moving this and removing it entirely. It just says that it's incorrect parameter type in the draw function. if animtimer > 0.1 then --Just temp numbers and whatnot. anum = anum+1 animtimer = 0 end if anum > 4 then anum = 1 end end function love.update(dt) explode(dt) end function love.draw() love.graphics.draw(eximg[anum],20,20) --It errors here saying that eximg is nil end   Everything else in my "game" Is working just fine, but for some reason it's refusing to let me animate saying that a variable that clearly exists(I think...) is nil.   I'm sure it's just a stupid error but I can't seem to find it.   I've left it pretty heavily commented for this to make sure people can read my entry-level code.