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  1. I am looking for someone who is willing to design a game that can be used in a research study my colleague and I are developing.  We are attempting to study how people behave in a hostile situation after being primed with symbols of authority.  We have been looking at first person shooters where the player must correctly distinguish between a hostile character and an innocent bystander or hostage.     The game does not have to be new or created just for this.  If anyone has a game that they have already done and can tweak it to fit our needs, could they please contact us.  The main thing we need is for the game to tally up the data (number of targets shot vs. number of innocents shot) for our research. (It would also help if it tallies up where the shot was, such as arms, legs, chest, or head, so we can get an idea if it is was a kill shot or not, but it is not manditory.) We are especially interested in stick figure or ambiguous characters.     Any game that is used will be credited for their work.  Please contact me if anyone is interested or knows someone who is.  Please, only people who are seriously interested respond to this.     You can contact me at allisonwaters@dusty.tamiu.edu.   Thank you for your time.