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  1. Need account help

    Hey all, looking for some help with my original account.  I have been inactive for almost 8 years on here and I had the account WolfSpring.  My daughter has just shown interest in some programing stuff and I wanted to find some of my old messages on here and continue that account, if that is not possible I understand.  Apparently you guys migrated to a new system and my account still exists, what I need to know is the email I signed up with, I know that that is a traditional no-no but what I'm not understanding is I use four standard emails, aol, gmail, yahoo and a work one, none of those relate to this account.  If an admin could look at the account and see if maybe the email associated with it was not transfered over, if there is one or not or give me any kind of info on how to reclaim that account i would be greatly appreciative, if not I will go on using this account instead.   Thank you.