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  1. Thanks,Game play video come soon. Like the page to get last news : The ZanaGame studio.
  2.     Do you know Zombeis? Do you think are they bad Creatures? Do you really think so?     Zombolia is a zombiecity that they produce brains.Brain Queen,the survival of the zombies is stolen by the wizards from the Brain Factory! Use the power of each zombie to run,jump,slide,smash the obstacles,launch rockets at others to destroy them before they destroy you and bring back the Brain Queen. Bunch Of Zombies is a breathtaking action runner game with different exciting modes,many different obstacles,power ups,challenging achievments,leaderboards and so much features.   B.O.Z will publish soon on AppStore. Like the page for last news and support us :   Checkout the site :   Story Trailer:   This is Zombolia!   Select your zombie!   More infos come soon. The ZanaGames Studio.