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  1.       Ah my question was already answered (didn't see this before replying).  Thank you guys...seems like normal triangles are the way to go for now.  I don't indices are good for my model because (based on input) they are continually changing.
  2.   Whoa that is incredible. Thank you so much. I will first construct it using triangles.  I was just getting such terrible performance using strips and this could be way.  I will reconstruct my data using just standard GL_TRIANGLES.     Do you have any more information about this bandwidth issue?   Thank you!   -jmfurlott
  3. Hello all, Trying to render a model using GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS and its working fine, however, at certain arbitrary points I want to break off the the triangle strips and essentially start a new set of triangle strips (that are completely separate from the original strips). How should I go about doing this? Multiple VBOs? I currently have only one VBO that holds all my vertices.   (OpenGL ES2.0 in particular but surely applies to OpenGL as a whole)   Thanks!
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