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  1. Wayne6

    [FREE] Warlords RTS is out! iOS & Android

    I'm kinda stuck on level 2-4. I tried defending and attacking and nothing seems to work. Is it really possible without expensive items from the market?
  2. Wayne6

    [FREE] Warlords RTS is out! iOS & Android

    Really nice traler. Is this a full free version or are some contents locked?
  3. Will there be any kind of trial version?
  4. I just hope you will not follow LoL's policy about high prices on new contents. How much will basic package cost?
  5. will that be free dlc or bought for ingame currency?
  6. Looks really nice. Are there plans for new units?
  7. And beta is here :D Is story already implemented or will it be later?
  8. What kinds of specials? Those blue guys look cool. Who are they?
  9. What else will there be in shop?
  10. How do you get crystals for upgrades?
  11. This picture answered me :) It's awsome. Is that green cross new spell?
  12. But it hink that sceenshots do :) Though i hope those are not final. Or are they? They are nice looking,m but something is still missing. In that last picture are those transparent things bosses? They look just like those smaller things in pic above. I hope that that I'm wrong and you won't just put some shiny effect on regular unit and call it a boss.
  13. Hi. Thise game looks really cool. It strongly resambles some MOBA games like LoL. What's the difference?
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